I'm done with this! All you do is be a jerk and a hipacrit! I'm leaving your side and there's nothing you can do about it!
Payne to Garnett, as of his leaving.

All illistrations credit is given to zephyros-phoenix and all permisions granted. Info inspired by a character created by Zephyros-Pheonix.
Payne the Griffin
Species Griffin
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Height 3"5
Weight 76 Lbs
Affiliation Eggman's Army (Formerly)

Team Drift (Current)

Era Era of Payne the Griffin (Series)

Here's Payne, another Sonic character.He is an anthropomorphic griffin who can control wind and is easily considered Garnett's right hand man.


Payne is the brother and former righthand man of Garnett who tries to force Payne to do things but Payne rebels. Payne once held high loyalty and respect for Garnett, but a traumatic event changed his views on Garnett forever. This event was when Payne attempted to leave like Azure had and to stop him, Garnett set Shamrock on fire as an example of what would happen to anyone who tried to betray him. Following this, Payne was scarred by the event and began to see Garnett for the sociopath he truly was. Payne later betrayed Garnett defeated him and escaped, his terror.

Abilities Edit

As a griffin, Payne can fly and has very sharp feathers that he can fire as projectiles. Born into the Mythos family, he is the embidoment of the element of wind. Therefore, he can manipulate air currents and even generate powerful tornadoes. His favorite ability is using the wind like a blade to slash his opponents.


  • Sharp Wing - Shoots sharp wind at the opponent.
  • Flying Tornado - Generates a tornado while he is flying.
  • Dust Storm - Creates a gail from Dust, Dirt, and even simple trash.
  • Wing Blade - Payne flies by his opponet at the speed of light and as he does he cuts his opponet with his sharp wing. This is Payne's favorite techniques.


During his adventures, Payne has shown the ability to enter a number of different transformations (usually super transformations to assist him in his toughest battles.) This is usually done by using certain objects that possesses great power, or absorbing different varieties of energy. With these transformations, Payne usually undergoes a physical alteration, gets his speed and strength increased and gains new abilities that match the theme of the transformation.
Super Paune

Super Payne obviously has a different physical appearance.



Garnett, Brother (Pressumed Deceased)

Azure , Sister.

Umber, Brother.

Sephia, Brother.

Friends & AlliesEdit

Umber, Teamate.

Sephia, Teamate.


Garnett, Former Boss.

Eggman, Main Boss.

Statistics Edit

Status: Alive

Age: 15

Distinguishing Markings:

Blue Strange Marks on forehead and on gloves.

Eye Color: Blue

Fether Color: Brown

Beak: Golden Yellow


White Gloves with blue markings on them

Blue and White shoes with red crystals and gold strips on them.

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