Panda Man
Panda Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Gender Male-Programming
Location Earth
Occupation Robot Master
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro
Relations Dr. Kojiro Peppa (creator)
Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Weapon Information
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K2
Hit Points 28
Other Information
Status Destroyed
Creator Somarinoa
Do you have a spare E Tank? I'll dance for you for one! ..No? Very well then, let's get this over with!
Panda Man

Dr. Kojiro's fourteenth robot master Panda Man was based on the theme of the giant panda. A large Robot Master, he fights with a bamboo bo staff that has been reinforced with metal (in a similar manner to Wood Man's design) but will also throw his weight around as well as use his size to his advantage. Normally he can block an opponent's attacks with his large "stomach" before countering with his staff; he is only vulnerable for a moment after his attack routine. Once reaching half HP, he becomes enraged (his helmet's gem-eyes will convert from green to red to indicate this) and he will snap his staff in half using his helmet as a makeshift mouth to create two billy clubs instead. These he can attack faster with.


CD DataEdit

Stage EnemiesEdit

Also included are the following undrawn foes:


Behind the scenesEdit

  • His signature weapon has not yet been decided upon.
  • The idea for his theme was given to the creator by an old friend of his from his oekaki days at the turn of the century, known then as Mayhem. Mayhem and Somarinoa drew their ideas of the characters separately, and revealed them to each other at the same time.
  • Panda Man's quote and indeed his pelvis are references to Steve Ibsen's Sexy Panda Song.
  • His entire body is inspired by a giant panda, not unlike Toad Man is wholly inspired by a toad (Snake Man is just mostly inspired by a snake).

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