Noirren Melosus
Primary Information
Creator Somarinoa
Status Deceased
Vital Statistics
Aliases Admiral Melosus
Species Azothan Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange (kept head shaven)
Homeplanet Azeroth
Occupation Admiral
Affiliation Mechanical Lobster Coalition
Allies Pocketknight, his crew
Foes the Scourge
Former friends in their undeath
Lover(s) Charity Lovejoy (former)
Friends All former: Artax, Burlbeard Stonehammer, Charity Lovejoy, Darvis Demalier, others
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Cutlass
Gear Wielded a ship's steering wheel as a shield
Attire Red-hued uniform of the Mechanical Lobster Coalition

Admiral Noirren Melosus was an Azothan Human male. An accomplished sailor, Noirren joined the ranks of the Mechanical Lobster Coalition's first iteration, where he was appointed as an Admiral—essentially, a captain of one of the guild's fishing ships. He fell in love with one of his crew, Charity, and the two started a relationship that grew quite serious and close. Unfortunately, a fateful excursion into a seemingly-deserted island thought to hold a treasure trove led to most of his crew being lept upon by innumerable undead monstrosities.

Still on his ship, he whispered prayers under his breath as he watched his crew flee up the length of the cave, barely ahead of the undead masses. He believed that they wouldn't make it to the ship or that if they did, they would immediately be slain by the following undead, and so he made the decision that would eventually cost him his life—he ordered the anchor to be pulled and set sail, leaving his crew behind to be slaughtered by the Scourge, including his beloved Charity. He mourned her loss for some time but then continued with his mission, lying to his guildmaster about how his crew had come to perish.

Unbeknownst to him, Charity and the others had been risen into undeath, and after a few years were lost to the Forsaken when the Lich King [1] power waned. With their rediscovered intelligence, they remembered Noirren's betrayal, and Charity herself swore to bring him down. Within but a few years, Charity had nearly killed Noirren a few times, and had essentially disrupted all Mechanical Lobster Coalition I activities in her seeking of revenge against her former lover.

Eventually Noirren's bodyguard Burlbeard Stonehammer left him and the guild as a whole, having been a witness to his original betrayal and having always condemned the action in his heart, but feared reprimanding by his superiors, and let Charity have at him; Charity in turn let him go freely as thanks and as having been a former friend. Cornered, Noirren was torn apart as he screamed in terror. Charity then spit on his corpse parts and dumped his remains overboard, swearing to never let him return to life, even as an undead. Noirren had dark skin and orange facial hair (he shaved his head bald) and wore red clothes as the uniform for the Mechanical Lobster Coalition I.

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