"I’ll never let you go, my beloved." I whispered hoarsely, lugging the petite body in my arms as I stumbled through
Never let you go
the dark and bloody forest. "I’ll never let you go... you’ll be okay. You will, please listen. You’ll be okay..."

The blood flowed from my shoulder. I was getting dizzy. With every step, I fought to keep myself from falling over. The wings that once stood so proudly upon my back now hung drearily, the flesh shredded and torn. My eyes were a perfect reflection of the emptiness of the world around me, and they glowed white. The horns on my head were covered in blood, and the blood dripped down onto my face as I moved. I moved the body in my arms so as to catch a glimpse of the face. Such a face, with long blonde hair and shimmering green eyes. "You will be okay, beloved." I said to the body. My own body shuddered for a moment, and I was left confused. I hugged tightly the little body and looked around before beginning my slow pace once again.

I wondered as I walked why my beloved had made no sort of sound or otherwise responded in any way at all. Must be sleeping, was my thought. Occasionally I would look behind me and see a trail of blood, which must have been coming from me and not from my beloved. My beloved was fine. I felt all sensation in my left arm cease as I lost even more blood. Still I kept moving, carrying my beloved. That was all that mattered, that my beloved was okay.

Finally I reached my destination; the lake. Relieved, I lost my grip on my beloved for a moment, and the body fell to the ground and made a loud thud sound. "Oh dear, I’m sorry!" I said to my beloved as I reached my arms around the body and carried it to the shore of the lake, where I began to splash water on my beloved’s face to awaken it. No response.

"My beloved, are you well? Tell me if you are not, for I will do anything in my power to make you well again. Beloved?" I was patient in awakening my beloved. It had been a long day, and perhaps my beloved was not yet ready to awaken. I pulled down my beloved’s shirt and looked at the huge wound on the body’s chest. Blood still poured from the wound, and it had begun to turn grey and black around the edges. I touched the wound and sighed. I hoped it would heal soon, even if my beloved had not yet awakened by that time.

"I am sorry for inflicting the gash upon you, beloved. But you are well, yes? Beloved? Take your time, I don’t mind." I whispered close to my beloved’s face, which was now colorless. My beloved would be okay, no matter what.

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