Infested Ukalaril Concept
General Information
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based
Biological Information
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Personality Natural instinct is to take control of an available lifeforms as well as well as too help other members of their kind infest lifeforms of their own.
Affiliation(s) Necrusk Swarms
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Somarinoa

The Necrusk are a sapient virus species, unique for their ability to reside in other organisms and take control of said organism. Their parasitic tendencies have led them on a galactic campaign to enslave other sapient species to serve them as their hosts. The Necrusk aren't picky who they infest, and anyone that doesn't belong to the Necrusk Swarms is a potential host species in the making.

All Necrusk hosts are physically transformed from their original state almost within mere seconds as the Necrusk physically replace the cells in their body en masse. The most obvious alteration that occurs within a host is their skintones—their entire bodies will become only black and red—absolutely no other color will remain on a Necrusk host; even clothing will be altered thusly as the Necrusk will replace the microscopic fibers in shirts as well as sophisticated nanobots. Regular metal alloys are harder to do away with, and may be left as-is. Outside of this generally very obvious change, a Necrusk host will experience a sudden ramping of physical strength, durability and certain attributes that can be increased by the swarm will be. Memories of an individual also can be assimilated, as seen when the Necrusk took over Morgue, a bounty hunter whom had been mortally wounded and willed his nanosuit over to space marine Adus Lesk to allow his survival, in order to better facilitate eradication of Lesk, who had since proved himself a nuisance to the Swarm. Not all memories are kept, of course, and only those deemed useful by the Necrusk are stored while the rest of the mind is wiped clean; you cannot therefore reason with a former friend or lover who has been infected by trying to placate to their memories. It should be noted that the host is killed during the seconds-long infection process and the body is left to the Necrusk—there is no possible cure for infection.

One particular hot spot for Necrusk activity is the Toryd home world of Tozect along with its moon, Tozera. Neither the Toryd or Necrusk have gained the upper hand yet in the conflict, for now...

Known IndividualsEdit

Known HostsEdit

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