He sat in a cracked plastic chair, staring out of a window. The silvery ground, the colorless white rain, the cold heat radiating out of the street lights, stoplights, headlights, tail lights! He gripped the arm rest of his chair tightly and released. Monochrome. That's what it was. Everything was silvery-white, greyish-black, white-silver, black-grey, and all with a small dab of insanity!

The mechanical whir of cars always rocketing to and fro, back and forth on the highways kept him up all night, every night! This, coupled with the advertisements, oh, the incessant loud advertisements that blared through the speakers in the walls, kept him wide awake. And since he was awake, he had more time to think, more time to-

"Try the new quadruple Big Mac! Only ten dollars and ninety-nine cents at your local McDonald's! I'm lovin' it!" the irritating voice screamed at him through every single speaker all at once.

He gasped and clutched his ears while the automated advertisement kept rambling on and on, endlessly and unendingly, about those God-forsaken hamburgers. He forced himself to stand up once the ad miraculously ended and walked vacantly to his kitchen. He slammed open a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of pills. With a single swift gulp, he swallowed half of them. The monochrome coloring around him faded and was replaced by a black void. Slowly, slowly, colors began to appear around him. Reds, oranges, violents and blues. Greens, yellows, colors from all ends of the spectrum. He was surrounded by colors that nobody had seen in decades! He danced in joy, the arthritis in his joints forgotten completely. His eyes fed upon the vivid colors, such a beautiful change from the greyness in real life.

Suddenly a thick grey haze materialized all around him, choking him. He woke up from his comatose state and began coughing violently, even coughing up a bit of grey and lifeless blood. The gas around him cleared and he watched as a small vent on the wall shut itself, cutting off the flow of the mist.

"Happiness is a drug. Color is a drug. We have confiscated your drug. You may now proceed with your average life." droned a mechanical voice from one of the wall-speakers. He coughed again and put his face in his hands, beginning to sob.

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