Meiox Concept
General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Main Sequence Star
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
System Meiox System
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites Kollox, Nier, Korobos, Tetron, Splentro, Balas, Phynbov, Nobos, Attos, Phottos
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T0
Weather Class Class 5
Water Percentage 0%
Political Information
Strategic Information
Valuable To Loranche

Meiox (pronounced /maɪ.ˌɑːksˈ./) is the local main sequence star of the Meiox System. It is orbited by ten planets: the boiling Kollox, Nier, the split Korobos, the cube world Tetron, the cardinal planet Splentro, the twin planets Balas & Phynbov, the heavy Nobos, Attos, and Phottos.

It is interesting to note that the system is not actually a naturally occurring location, but was instead created with its various qualities specifically tuned by Sal'jaedon, the Dragoon god of creation, to serve as a home system of the Loranche, a magically-inclined near-human species.

While mostly normal in terms of typical star-like qualities, Meiox is notable for its rippling with fiery energy, appearing to have non-cresting "global" tsunamis many times the size of its various planets. Because it has been specifically created to support the system, it produces enough energy to allow Korobos, Tetron, Splentro, Balas and Phynbov to all fall within the habitable zone.

Locations galleryEdit

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