This article is a showcase of all of the characters seen in the Megaman Tempo series. They are placed into subsections based upon their supposed evolutionary lineages (ex: Humanoids, Mammals, Crustaceans, et cetera), and from there are listed alphabetically. As most characters have yet to receive any form of artwork to their names, many characters will utilize silhouettes of various Temproids, depending on which chassis they are intended to use. Currently, any characters with an unknown chassis system, of a chassis system yet to be illustrated or of an organic nature (specifically, Humans) will be shown to have a silhouetted Joe-Class chassis body for males or Josephine-Class chassis body for females until further notice.

Humans Edit

Humanoids Edit

Amphibians Edit

Arthropods Edit

Birds Edit

Bony Fish Edit

Cartilaginous Fish Edit

Cnidarians Edit

Echinoderms Edit

Fungi Edit

Mammals Edit

Mollusks Edit

Plants Edit

Reptiles Edit

Synapsids Edit

Worms Edit

Miscellaneous Evolution Edit

Characters either belonging to evolutionary lineages where there is only one created character to represent it, or hybridized characters representing more than one lineage.

Unknown Evolution Edit

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