Sanity's Affliction Teaser

Teaser image for the first game in the series.

Megaman Tempo is a Mega Man fan series created by Somarinoa consisting of ten fan games, though the last few Megaman K games act as a lead-in/prequel to the series. Originating as a single game called Mega Man XZ, the game evolved into a full series when the creator decided he wanted to use his Mega Man Classic character Tempo was a major character and use his own character design idea.

Each game has at least two playable characters and one secret character—the first of which is Ray, the fan character made by Somarinoa's late best friend, Tad "Tanma" Wade, which he has since included into Megaman Tempo as a reference to his old, dear friend.

The series takes place starting in 44XX, roughly 2400 years after Tempo's creation and taking place between the canon series Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Legends. A catastrophe between those two series interrupted the evolution of Reploids, and caused it to have to start over again from scratch, yet the discovery of the badly damaged Robot Master Tempo leads to the creation of a new breed of advanced Reploids, the MkVIIs, also known as Temproids. These androids are similar to the Reploids of X and Zero's era, yet are built off an assembly line that designs them in identical bodies in varying chassis types, which then has their armor coverings and signature weaponry customized to perform jobs specific to each individual.

Currently, 248 main bosses are planned to span the 10-game series, excluding the 80 bosses expected to appear for the 10 games' secret characters (bringing the grand total to 328). Of this total, 186 boss characters have been invented with a good number still unnamed and therefore not listed in this document; however, some of these bosses may function outside of the typical 8 boss themes, being minibosses to others' stages or being used as end game bosses.


The music in the Megaman Tempo series is reminiscent of a Mega Man melody, but at a far faster pace—the average beats per minute of the series' theme song for instance is around 150 bpm (roughly 1.5x the speed of Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames); this is due to music naturally playing this speed in the creator's head when recalled. Like Mega Man X, it sticks to a rock n' roll style, sounding closest to a mixture between Mega Man X's intro stage (Central Highway) and Texas Faggott's Back to Mad. Music producer Curtis Vodka has agreed to create the music for the game when the time comes for it to be produced, though no music has yet been composed.

Games in the seriesEdit

Megaman Tempo has evolved over the years, starting out as a four-game series in 2001, extending to an eight-game series in 2011 and coming to the final ten-game plan in mid-2012. Combined with the Mega Man K and Mega Man Recoil series, this puts the entire trilogy at a grand total of 30 games.

  1. Sanity's Affliction: A deadly virus has risen in the form of a Temproid named Goth. Goth takes the ex-hunter Bias as his new Maverick Lord; unfortunately, Bias was the best friend of Tempo, who risks being deemed a maverick himself in order to get his friend back and put an end to the Maverick King and his war.
  2. Solution Temporary: The NeoHunters come to realize that a virus is not so easily erased when Goth returns. A newly-rebuilt Bias joins the fight, seeking revenge.
  3. Oppositional Juggernaut: The NeoHunters fight a losing battle against Goth and his growing forces.
  4. Lazarus Mark: Becoming desperate after the tides turn in the maverick war, Goth locates a number of MkV Lazaroids, upgrades them to MkVII Temproids and sics them on the world.
  5. Contingent Thought: Goth enacts his contingency plot to take control of a worsening situation before the maverick wars turn too far towards the NeoHunters' favor.
  6. Falsified Identity: With Goth apparently destroyed and the maverick hordes quelled, the NeoHunters focus on more currently-pressing matters—unsanctioned maverick hunters, known as poachers, have begun to put down Reploids who were not in fact mavericks. The NeoHunters seek to put an end to the senseless murders but something about the situation just doesn't seem quite right...
  7. Dashed Reverie: With much of the world now considering the NeoHunters as a group of radical fascists, several groups are now seeking to bring them to justice, including some surviving poacher groups. Amongst the commotion, Gothias reveals himself and prepares to bring an end to the meddling NeoHunters, once and for all.
  8. Aberrant Uprising:
  9. Transmogrified Amalgamation: The Mk VII Temproids have been deemed obsolete by the factories, and the new Mk VIIIs have been released, commonly referred to as "Meldroids". Despite an advanced anti-virus program, Gothias has found a loophole and has recruited large numbers of the more powerful Meldroids to aid in the maverick war.
  10. End Game:


Characters who later change affiliation in the series are listed in their initial affiliation/name as to prevent spoilers.


  1. Bias
  2. Cleric
  3. Commander Synth
  4. Dauber
  5. Echo
  6. Electronika
  7. Enjin
  8. Eve
  9. Formal
  10. Funk
  11. Kuwanger
  12. Lyric
  13. Mic
  14. Mono
  15. Pangolin
  16. Phono
  17. Stereo
  18. Tempo
  19. Trance
  20. Zilch


Maverick KillersEdit

The Maverick Killers have been disbanded for a few years by the time Tempo 1 rolls around, but they serve as background characters for two of the other characters in the series.

  1. Formal
  2. Funk
  3. Rhythm
  4. Sharp
  5. Sonnet

Seaside ShoreEdit

Looming Manta

Looming Manta, member of the Seaside Shore.

  1. Drawn Wedgetang
  2. Looming Manta
  3. Pilot Naucrates
  4. Pinch Crayster
  5. Sledge Hammerhead
  6. Submachine Gull


  1. Battering Ram
  2. Despair Bubonis
  3. Fetch Redrover
  4. Grazewound Neighsayer
  5. Hellion Babirusa
  6. Impulse Tigrrr
  7. Jumpstart Dragoon
  8. Lowblow Boxen
  9. Metal Cockatolis
  10. Mischief Marmoset
  11. Search Cobra
  12. Sprint Harunner


  1. Baaaad Aries
  2. Double Gemini
  3. Fair Scale
  4. Half-Full Aquarius
  5. Innocent Virgo
  6. Invader Zoean
  7. Lance Seagoat
  8. Montane Marozi
  9. Range Sagittarius
  10. Stampede Aurochs
  11. Tease Premnas
  12. Whip Vinegaroon

Miscellaneous PoachersEdit

  1. Blazing Firefox
  2. Crimson Herring
  3. Dimensional Springbok
  4. Enditall Lemming
  5. Hidden Caddisguise
  6. Immortal Nutricool
  7. Laylow Halibot
  8. Magnum Myriapod
  9. Parasail Olophus
  10. Reflex Mimosa
  11. Timbrrr Conifury

Repliforce CharactersEdit

Repliforce Armed Forces (Replarmy)Edit

  1. 1st Lieutenant Bonaparte
  2. Corporal Barbastelle
  3. Corporal Genet
  4. Corporal MUSKrET
  5. General Sur
  6. PFC Conehead
  7. PFC Coot
  8. PFC Cresturnewt
  9. PFC Dalmatina
  10. PFC Gryllus
  11. PFC Ragondin
  12. Sergeant First Class Poodlemur
  13. Specialist Flaktus

Repliforce Naval Division (Replinavy)Edit

  1. General Tanker
  2. Specialist Flaktus

Repliforce Aerial Brigade (Replairforce)Edit

  1. Albatross
  2. Gymnogyps
  3. Hammerkop
  4. Iiwi
  5. Myna
  6. Pheasant
  7. Ptarmigan
  8. Quetzal
  9. Snipiper
  10. Spoonbill
  11. Takahē
  12. Tanager
  13. The Lovebirds, Austereo & Notusette
  14. Urvogel

Doctors & ScientistsEdit

Botanical Sanctuary BotanistsEdit

  1. Bio Crustacean
  2. Lively Narica
  3. Propulsor Cacomissile
  4. Savage Lotor

Earth Archaeology Society: Egyptian Archaeological SummitEdit

  1. Croctor Sobek
  2. Dr. Amun
  3. Dr. Thoth
  4. Dr. Horus
  5. Dr. Wadjet
  6. Dr. Ubasti
  7. Dr. Hathmet
  8. Dr. Osiris
  9. Dr. Serqet
  10. Ra Data
  11. Dr. Necromanubiser
  12. Professor Fennec

Marine Science Laboratory BiologistsEdit

  1. Dr. Adelaide Kakinski
  2. Shock Seabeast

The Meldroid ProjectEdit

The heads of the project intended to finally beat the rampant viral outbreaks, headed up by the proud Dr. Merganser.

  1. Alternate Trimorphodon
  2. Carve Wittlestar
  3. Co-Op Merganser
  4. Gravant Guard
  5. Modus Operandiaea

Miscellaneous Doctors & ScientistsEdit

  1. Cleric
  2. Deforest Termight
  3. Cheetur

Miscellaneous CharactersEdit

Characters who are not Maverick Hunters/Poachers, members of Repliforce, nor Mavericks.

  1. Assassin Spidsnuck
  2. Deadeye Chalazodes
  3. Etiquette Macadame
  4. Harvest Man
  5. Holojiro
  6. Leopardon
  7. Secret Daubentonia
  8. Unruly Pistachio


Recalled MavericksEdit

Surviving Lazaroids affected by the R Glitch (short for Recall), as seen in Mega Man Recoil. These Mavericks are specifically fought by Ray, during his (hidden) game.

  1. Salted Brass
  2. Ordinance Lead
  3. Depth Titanium
  4. Tactical Silver

  1. Covert Steel
  2. Defilade Tin
  3. Ghost Mercury
  4. Intercept Aluminum
  5. Recon Copper
  6. Salvo Zinc
  7. Surveillance Gold
  8. Strategic Iron

Gothic MavericksEdit

Those Reploids infected by the Goth Virus.

Maverick KingEdit
  1. Goth
Maverick VassalsEdit
  1. Dekoi
  2. Doubletake Goliathan
  3. Messy Slimodon
  4. Ktulu
Maverick LordsEdit
El Fin

El Fin was Goth's very first Maverick Lord.

  1. Dangerous Diatryma
  2. Either/Or Feryops
  3. El Fin
  4. Lokos
  5. Persuasive Seamonk
  6. Replacement Changeling
  7. Surprising Magathorium
  8. Toggle Hypergriff
Maverick GeneralsEdit
  1. _____ Ahuizotl
  2. _____ Eurypterid
  3. _____ Lystrosaurus
  4. Ancient Medusagyne
  5. Arsenal Cassowar
  6. Auster Tanager
  7. Badaboom Orthoflareas
  8. Bamboozooka Pandarmed
  9. Bio Crustacean
  10. Boreas Ptarmigan
  11. Brawler Cuttlefist
  12. Circius Takahē
  13. Clever Deinoknifus
  14. Compensate Dingolem
  15. Confused Hallucigenia
  16. Copy Flea
  17. Counterfeit Okapi
  18. Crescent Kirin
  19. Crybaby Mandragora
  20. Deforest Termight
  21. Divebomb Harpy
  22. Doomsday Komodose
  23. Douse Palouse
  24. Dreadnought Coelacannon
  25. Dunk Leosteus
  26. Ephialtes Bakuma
  27. Eurus Pheasant
  28. Everywhere Leafhopper
  29. Fiber Cranelight
  30. Frenzy Fearanha
  31. Frozen Hydroid
  32. Gentleman Stickhopper
  33. Glint Takin
  34. Iapyx Iiwi
  35. Impervious Griptodon
  36. Laser Krill
  37. Leap Ixalotriton
  38. Lips Myna
  39. Miasma Muskox
  40. Molten Slug
  41. Multiplicity Stork
  42. Nocturne Potoroo
  43. Overlooked Mite
  44. Pain Lobster
  45. Persuasive Seamonk
  46. Petrol Petrel
  47. Plagueis Thanatoad
  48. Prickly Treehopper
  49. Quick Ziphius
  50. Resident Weevil
  51. Rockroller Assaultasaurus
  52. Rotate Gyraffe
  53. Savage Lotor
    Savage Lotor

    Gothic Mavericks are differentiated by the deep, dark circles around their eyes and pale skin, hinting at exhaustion.

  54. Scud Pelican
  55. Sever Diemetrodon
  56. Shock Seabeast
  57. Slippery Bunyip
  58. Slumber Fly
  59. Split Manananggal
  60. Springtail Jack
  61. Steam Typus
  62. Stonecold Battlelisk
  63. String Holothurian
  64. Subsolanus Spoonbill
  65. Sunburn Putchki
  66. Swing Trunko
  67. Taps
  68. Terror Skink
  69. Thagomiser Stegosour
  70. Tropic Searofrysis
  71. Unholy Ulama
  72. Unkillable Kokanee
  73. Unload Shardvark
  74. Void Hunter
  75. Vulturnus Gymnogyps
  76. Wavemotion Cyclops
  77. Wintery Yak
  78. Xylostein Kappa
  79. Yagi Xylotoles
  80. Zephyr Quetzal

Biased MavericksEdit

Maverick KingEdit
  1. Gothias
Maverick VassalsEdit
  1. Lolita
  2. Modus Operandiaea
  3. Nemesis
  4. Pretentious Poodlemur
Maverick LordsEdit
  1. Barbastelle
  2. Ragondin
Maverick GeneralsEdit
  1. Ambush Moliger
  2. Ashen Fireweed
  3. Awkward Cranetoad
  4. Blunderbuss MUSKrET
  5. Bossy Jackgrass
  6. Breach Orcat
  7. Clumsy Elephino
  8. Freezerburn Duet (Freeze Chilapia & Burn Grilapia)
  9. Gleek Gorillama
  10. Mach Seaturtledove
  11. Pop Stagpie
  12. Propulsor Cacomissile
  13. Rampant Loonicorn
  14. Razoredge Skallop
  15. Rebreath Axolotter
  16. Seapunk Scorporpoise
  17. Soprano Walrut
  18. Squat Badgeroom
  19. Swift Chimpala
  20. Tantrum Sharkuckoo
  21. Techno Woollybear
  22. Thrash Buffaleo
  23. Torpedo Barracuda
  24. Twin Weapons
  25. Voracious Swangler

Relic MavericksEdit

Timid Fennec Concept

Relic Mavericks are differentiated by the red circles around their eyes, hinting at a sickness.

The Relic Mavericks are Mavericks who have been infected by the Relic Virus—formerly referred to as the Sigma Virus.

  1. Abusive Silverback
  2. Balance Thoth
  3. Boomboom Kuwanger
  4. Bright Horus
  5. Burly Parlangua
  6. Chainsaw Snail
  7. Chillax Penguido
  8. Chopter Yellowjacket
  9. Conjoined Wadjet
  10. Drain Chupacogra
  11. Excavate Armadrillo
  12. Fever Ubasti
  13. Groovy Amanita
  14. Helios Sunflower
  15. Immolate Phoenix
  16. Killer Quickhatch
  17. Lost Seadragon
  18. Mason Ephippium
  19. Mecha Nymph
  20. Motherly Hathmet
    Fever Ubasti

    Fever Ubasti, a female example of a Relic Maverick.

  21. Nest Bumbler
  22. Overkill Hydra
  23. Pierce Serqet
  24. Piston Styractuator
  25. Pithed Croaker
  26. Pollen Euglossine
  27. Primordial Grootslang
  28. Princess Honey
  29. Pupate Splatterkiller
  30. Queen Vespa
  31. Ra Data
  32. Return Necromanubiser
  33. Sadistic Sobek
  34. Scraper Trilobite
  35. Scuttle Kraken
  36. Sharpshoot Myrmecophage
  37. Skid Shisas
  38. Sting Wasp
  39. Swarm Killbee
  40. Timid Fennec

Unclassified MavericksEdit

Mavericks who have yet to be classified as either a Gothic or Biased Maverick (all Relic Mavericks are determined upon initial conception).

  1. _____ Arthropleura
  2. _____ Crinoid
  3. _____ Devil
  4. _____ Grebe
  5. _____ Hagrey
  6. _____ Oarfish
  7. _____ Solifuge
  8. _____ Tardigrade
  9. _____ Tunicate
  10. Achtung Gearkat
  11. Death Rattler
  12. Detach Nudibranch
  13. Gelous Amebozoa
  14. Gluttonous Gulper
  15. Indescent Skunkill
  16. Mad Jackson
  17. Puncture Thornhawk
  18. Reentry Copepod
  19. Riddleme Quail
  20. Shrapnel Flaktus

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