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Primary Information
Universe Final Fantasy Z
Creator Somarinoa
Appearances Final Fantasy Z, Final Fantasy -Z
Vital Statistics
Demonym Matadorigan
Political Information
Geographical Information
Planet Warudo
Historic Information
Current Status Decimated

Matadorigo is one of the planet Warudo's major Human kingdoms, as seen in Final Fantasy Za and its prequel, Final Fantasy -Z. Its armies are fierce in battle, and the culture is notable for its gladiatorial combat, especially the bestiarii. The Matadorigans are famous for having subjugated the great Behemoths that once dominated the area.




Sapient SpeciesEdit

The original sapient inhabitants of the region were the Behemoths, great, violent monstrosities who had already succeeded in completely dominating the landscape before Humans stepped foot into the region. However, as mankind is known to do, they successfully brought the great Behemoth society to its knees and subjugated them, turning them into beasts of burden and great challenges for gladiatorial combatants. Over time, this race appears to have lost their intellect and become little more than simple beasts, although they are still as fierce as ever when not in harnesses.

In the modern world, it is the Humans who rule the land.

Currently, no other sapient races are known to exist in the area.




Legends tell of a time during the now-mythical Crystal Age when their land was harsh and deadly at every turn, when Behemoths ruled the region and walked on two legs. It was here that the first Matador emerged and gracefully slew the Behemoth King. Culled, the Behemoths became little more than beasts as they stand today. The Matadororigans have subjugated the local Behemoths and use them both as beasts of burden as well as monsters they fight in ceremonial tournaments to the death in their bestiarii arenas.










Resource DepositsEdit


The Matadorigan military structure stems from its most profound and, indeed, beloved sport - Gladiatorial combat. Although regular citizens may be conscripted should the need arise, the primary forces of the Matadorigans are their Gladiators and Matadors.

Gladiators were initially built to deal critical damage via heavy strikes and elemental damage, utilizing the fire element of their kingdom's original crystal; however when the crystals were destroyed, the Gladiators that would replace the old many centuries later would instead need to install manadrives to simulate magical damage. This actually made them more proficient, as they could swap out their manadrive for any of the 12 elements instead of having to rely on their one and only crystal. In combat, they have been known to wield knives, swords, knight swords, katanas, spears, bows, and axes; and can equip shields, light or heavy helmets, clothes, heavy armor, and gauntlets. They also utilize the Finisher technique, which allows them to risk it all-or-nothing with the goal of dealing critical or elemental damage.

Notable LocationsEdit

Known MatadorigansEdit

List of Known WildlifeEdit

  • Behemoth (formerly sapient but appear to have been pushed back to non-sapience)

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