General Information
Homeworld Hydroth
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Personality Enjoys violence
Affiliation(s) Crux Space Piracy
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Hydroth
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

The Lyssh are aquatic race from Hydroth, which also is the homeworld of the Ghazra, Hydrothi, Zazlotl and the Zolacian.

The Lyssh like all other races of Hydroth have been absorbed into the Crux, suiting quite well since the Lyssh naturally enjoy inflicting violence.


Early in their history, they were discovered by the Zolacians traveling in strange subs that had crossed the great abyssal plains to reach their submerged continent. The Lyssh aggressively attacked the Zolacians, and the Zolacians from then on avoided them.

Hundreds of years later, the armies of the Troika consisting of Zolacians and the reluctant Hydrothi crushed the armies of the Ghazra and Zazlotl for allegedly planning to bring about the end of the Troika. With the Ghazra and Zazlotl taken care of, the Zolacians in the Troika decided the Lyssh needed to be dealt with, as the posed a threat to the Zolacians so they said. The Hydrothi did not particapte in this war, as they were still traumatized for their actions in the last war. After attempts to convince the Hydrothi to assist in their war with the Lyssh, the Zolacians decided to respect the wishes of the Hydrothi, and thus they would wage their war against the Lyssh by themselves.

The war was even more brutal for the Zolacians compared their previous war, as the Lyssh by themselves were fierce foes. Nevertheless, the Zolacians managed to finally to defeat over a long grueling war. After the Lyssh were defeated and became slaves of the Zolacians much like the Ghazra and Zazlotl, they Zolacians turned on the Hydrothi for fear they might turn on them too.

During the reign of Zolacian Empire of Zolacia (later renamed Hydroth), the Lyssh along with the Ghazra and Zazlotl did not resist their Zolacian slavemasters, though the Hydrothi did via terrorism.

Years later, the Lyssh, Ghazra and Zazlotl led by the Hydrothi, waged a massive rebellion against the Zolacian Empire while they were occupied with the Crux Space Piracy attempting to take Zolacia. The war had been a stalemate, with the Zolacians slowly pushing the Crux Space Piracy off Zolacia. However the rebelling races of Zolacia managed to launch a surprise attack that led to a Crux victory.

Following the Crux's victory, the Zolacians were enslaved and the Lyssh along with other races of Hydroth (so named to honor the Hydrothi) were then subscripted to serve the Crux.

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