I promised i'll always protect my son! ~Limean fighting Frieza

Primary Information
Status Dead never revived.
Inspiration Dragonball z
Vital Statistics
Species Saiyan
Ethnicity Causasian
Gender Male
Age 42. But looks 30 years old.
Date of Birth November 1th, 1971
Date of Death When Frieza killed the saiyans
Hair Color Grey. Because he was the first saiyan to be born as a Super Saiyan 5
Eye Color Green
Height 5'1
Weight 160 Pounds
Homeplanet Planet Vegeta
Allies All the saiyan's
Foes Frieza
Lover(s) He adopted Cucamba when he was a new-born
Children Cucamba
Friends Everyone expect for Frieza
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities 100,000,000,000 Power level
Transformations Great Ape Super Saiyan 5


Limen is a upper-class saiyan elite warrior who was born as a super saiyan 5. He was also a servant of Frieza but betrayed him when Frieza wanted Cucamba to be his servent. He died along with Bardock and the rest of the saiyans


Limean is a very stubborn person sometimes even very lazy but not often he was never able to find a girlfriend because he falls in love with every girl he meets that that lead him to adopt. And he forced Cucamba to train intensely to become more powerful then him on purpose.


Limean has only been seen in his green and red saiyan armor but it broke when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta. He tried dying his hair once and cutting it once but he didn't like it. So he died it back.


Great Ape: Limean only uses this form against powerful enemies like aliens on other Planet.

Super Saiyan 5: Limean doesn't have a base form only a super saiyan 5 form it is impossible to make base form with Limean only if he died his hair.


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