Many thousands of years ago, some say, there was a great object that crashed down in the land somewhere near what is now Marble Canyon, Arizona. A now lost Native American group once native to the area, the Chnanaha, had passed down a legend of the godly object that was bestowed upon them.

"... and the glistening black object, still resting in its crater, began to move. It was round in shape and had a smooth texture. It rolled in a 180 motion, revealing an opening on top. Out of the opening came a semi-human being. While its body and hands were of humanoid structure, its head was much different. It had a mouth full of jagged, pointy, ugly teeth and its reptilian eyes stuck out from the side of its head on stalk-like growths, and on the very top of its head was a large slightly pointed lump. The being approached with its hands at its sides. It spoke to us without moving its mouth. It spoke of an oncoming Judgement many, many years from now.

'... in times long from now, when you shalt be long dead, Our kind shall return to your homeworld to reveal the truth to those who may yet be worthy, but annihilate all those who shall have fallen victim to the sinful temptations of technological advancements. And fire shall rain from heavens above, and thy Guardian shall rise from the depths of the planet to exempt all sinners against Our kind from salvation...'

And the being held its hand out and a stark white square object appeared in the palm of its hand. The cube, the being said, would gradually turn dark black as the day of Judgement drew nearer, and nearer, and nearer. The being entrusted the witness with the cube before returning to the large black object crashed into the ground, which immediately flew high into the sky and disappeared. The cube had an image of a monstrous figure carved into it, with the body of a man, the legs of a swine, a long wiry tail tipped with a fine curl, muscular arms with crab-like claws for hands, the wings of a bat draped over its back, and two canine heads sticking out of the top of its body. The witness of the being ran back to the tribe quickly, excited by the visitation. Awed by his wild tale, the entire tribe hailed him as a hero..."

The object that that single Chnanaha man obtained so long ago has yet to be rediscovered, but there have been many rumblings coming from deep within the center of the Earth, more so than is natural. There will come, not long from now, a Great Judgement by the Guardian.

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