Leech Man
Leech Man
Species Stardroid
Homeworld Unknown
Gender Male-programming
Affiliation Galaxy Droids
Era 20XX

Leech Man was the fourth Galaxy Droid built, intended as an adaptable soldier that would be capable of operating on any given planet, where he would absorb the life energy of his opponents for use in not only powering him but allowing the molecules that once existed within an enemy to aid his allies through the use of a powerful new source of energy. However it was eventually discovered that he was unable to handle cold environs, leading to the decision that he was too flawed for continued use, since most planets were outside of his threshold for temperature.

Abandoned on a world by his "employers", he would slowly go insane. Ever adaptable, he figured out a way to fake a distress signal from the planet he was exiled upon, and when a ship finally arrived to investigate, he leapt on board, slew the crew and used the ship to escape. After several years he ran across other rogue Galaxy Droids and soon formed a small group with the intent to attack the small, seemingly defenseless planet Earth.


  • Leech Man (GDN-004)
  • Good Point: Adaptable
  • Bad Point: Too persistent
  • Likes: Energy drinks
  • Dislikes: The cold
  • Hit Points: 28

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Galaxy Droids are all inspired by extraterrestrials in media as well as some of the user's own races thrown into the mix (such as "Aurix Man"). They're essentially Somarinoa's answer to Stardroids.
    • Leech Man is based off of a Metroid, though he has aspects of a Space Pirate integrated in, as well.