Landflailer Spore


Landflailers are a race of non-sapient organisms indigenous to the planet Xexxiau. They were amongst the first species to take towards an amphibian lifestyle, and spend the majority of their lives on the surface of the planet as opposed to below its waves. They have not adapted well to life on land as of yet, however, and are forced to use their swimming tails to pathetically flop about, and can never move too far from the shoreline. Luckily for them, however, very few other organisms exist on land to compete with them, and they have therefore effectively removed themselves from the food web during most of their lives...for now.

Sporepedia DescriptionEdit

"Landflailers were amongst the first of the amphibious organisms to spend a majority of their lives on the surface of planet Xexxiau. They used their swimming tails to pathetically flop about, and could never move too far from the shoreline."


  • Home Planet: Xexxiau
  • Species Type: Cold-blooded Amphibious Organism
  • Lifestyle: Solitary Non-Territorial Carnivore
  • Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 100% Hunt (7.83% success rate)
  • Defenses: Unspecified
  • Weapons: Unspecified
  • Tools: Landflailers cannot manipulate objects.
  • Method of Eating: Unspecified
  • Reproductive Rate: Sexual maturity is reached after 75 days. Reproduce every month.
  • Gestation: 5 days then lays egg.
  • Offspring Incubation: 3 days until eggs hatch after being laid.
  • Number of Offspring: 1,000 per clutch.
  • Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): Unspecified
  • Singular/Plural: Landflailer/Landflailers


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