One day, the world stopped around me. Everything in sight just... stopped. All sound vanished suddenly, and even my very steps were silent. I tried to speak, and all that came out was a faintly audible whisper that was extinguished immediately upon leaving my mouth.

I could do anything I wanted to: I could fly. I could fall great distances without being harmed. I could allow myself to sink through the motionless water, and discovered that I no longer required oxygen. It was like lag. I was alone in my own, personal world. My world of silence, of breathlessness.

But I see movement ahead of me now. It's unfamiliar after these hours spent in my frozen world. What is it that I see?

Now I know, as it turns its deformed, freakish head toward me. I can see in its melted, soulless eyes the hungering and suffering of mankind, and all that mankind has harmed. I can see in its glowing light the reason for our existence, and in its wiry arms that wrap around my body, choking the life out of me, I can feel the futility of our species.

I see, in my final and fleeting moment, the reason that our world is in perpetual motion. The reason that we can never stop. The reason that we run.

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