Kravvyn Empire
Creator Somarinoa
Location Controls several galaxies, as well as portions of Kyklos Galaxy in a de facto sense.
Tier Level Tier 2
Kardashev Scale
Technology Tier 2 level technology
Size Intergalactic
Estimated Population Unknown, but certainly higher then mere trillions.
Notable For Notable for conquering entire galaxies.
Governing Body
Associated Colors Black, red, white
Capital World Tuchiol
Founding Species Kravvyn
Governing Body
Main Leaders
Policy Send a lone Kravvyn to take a galaxy single handedly for the Kravvyn Empire.
Main species
Main territory Unknown, empire is quite large to judge
State Constantly expanding
Dissolution Relationships
Allies Intergalactic Invasion Force (Offshoot of the Kravvyn Empire) Crux Space Piracy (Secretly being runned by a Kravvyn scout), SKULLs (Offshoot of the Crux, Iskian Empire (Allied with the Crux from time to time), Scourge Space Piracy (Allied with the Crux from time to time)
Enemies Chaos Legions
Few races in the Kyklos galaxy even know about the Kravvyn invasion.
Known Conflicts

The Kravvyn Empire is an intergalactic empire founded by the Kravvyn race, which has taken over hundreds of galaxies singlehandedly.

Galleries Edit

Individuals in Kravvyn Empire, Crux and SKULLS Edit

These are notable individuals inside the Kravvyn Empire and its front organizations, such as the Crux and SKULLs. No non-Kravvyn is aware of this bit of information.

Occasional Members Edit

These races can sometimes be found serving the Crux Space Pirates or SKULLS, which are really front organizations of the Kravvyn Empire. None of these individuals who join either organization are aware of this.''

Full-Fledged Members Edit

These races are considered full or nearly-full inductees into the Kravvyn Empire as a conquered species, or be considered a de facto members since they might serve the Crux Space Pirates or SKULLS, which are secretly governed by the Kravvyn. Races such as those that serve the Crux or SKULLS are not aware of this union at all.

Known Worlds of the Crux Space PiracyEdit

These worlds belong to the Kravvyn Empire, either in a literal or in a de facto sense.

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