Komodo is a mighty dragon that lives on planet S-539. It's the biggest dragon on the planet, being high about a whole kilometer and weighting about 10 megatons. It rules in 1/15 of the planet, with another 14 dragons of the planet, that have unique stats. Its strenght is on very large level, that makes sense, since it's very large, standing on 500 meters long mountain crushing it with apsolute ease, by only standing on it.



It likes to rule on it's teritory, crushing the ground whenever something appears to be on it. The haste ruins in it's blood, it can be seen while it fights dragons, without mercy. It's speaking isn't clear, but it can be understood most of words.

Body AbilitiesEdit


It's strenght is very large, as it's body's massive. It causes whole planet to shake, even if planet's much larger than Earth, much, much, much larger, enough to cover the whole universe. As it causes whole planet to shake, it also activates tsunamis and earthquakes, tghat are both good and bad, well, for certain things and creatures. If a Z-Fighter gets smashed by it's earthquake, he will die with no swet.


Altrough its strenght is on extreme level, he's not the best at intellectual tasks, not even for some simple ones, like speech. It attacks everything on it's way mostly because it has no plan what to do with that thing on it's way.

It mastered some techniques that use some intellect, like Scagan, that can analize every single move everywhere in its area.


Even if it looks like it can't move much, it's very fast, sometimes surpassing speed of sound. It has great musculature on extremitets that allows to Komodo the Wind Walk, that can make it actually dissapear by using little magic and mostly it's own legs. The actual speed has never been measured at total, but it's averaged at speed of 50 sound speeds


It's very durable, being capable of defending itself without using much strenght. Nothing can scratch its shield on its back, because it's made of even stronger metal than katchin called Aulfe. It stands at one point for milleniums not even to move for food. Being omnivore, it mustn't choose what will it eat, like herbivores and carnivores, but it's not eating much.


Komodo has so much energy to suply entire planet with it, because it's not using it much in battle combat. Instead, it's mostly using his physical strenght and rarely his magic.

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