General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Climate Sweltering and stagnant (current)
Surface temperature Unbearably hot (current)
Atmosphere Hue Black smog (current)
Sapients Ciitarkians (Colonists, but transformed into the Kaetarkians whom the planet became their homeworld.)
Political Information
Affiliation Ciitarkians (formerly)
Chaos Legions
Government Chaos Legions
Strategic Information
Major Exports Kaetarkians
Valuable To Ciitarkians (formerly)
Chaos Legions

Kaetarkia is a remote planet that was originally colonized by the Ciitarkians. Because of its remote location, it was vulnerable to full-scale invasion by the Chaos Legions who conquered the planet. The Chaos Legions transformed the Ciitarkians into the Kaetarkians, ill-mannered mutants who claim Kaetarkia as their new homeworld.

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