My role was to clear the path, to make your path easier. All to face the evil that threatens life.
Jack, talking to Blake, about their roles.
Jack Rant
General Information
Species Human
Inspiration Many characters.
Gender Male
Age 48
Location 72nd 16th Midwest Street.
Occupation Fighting, training the next generation, protecting Earth.
Affiliation Good
Relations Alicia (Fellow Dragon and wife)

Marco (Son)

Jessica (Daughter)

Weapon Information
Weapon Element Unknown
Signature Weapon Fists, his gun.
Other Abilities Extreme Parkour, Expert on Hand-to-hand fighting, gun skill.
Weakness His back damage (now)

His fiery temprament (formerly)

Game Information
Appearances The Dragons..
Other Information
Status Alive.
Creator AssassinHood
Jack Rant, more known as Jackie, is the de facto leader of The Dragons, a well known and loved team of teenagers who are dedicated to protect their city, after an incident occured, leading to them gaining abilities. While the other gained extreme abilities, he questioned himself, and eventually discovered that he had become a person with super-human abilities. He used those for, what he believed, was for the greater good, and eventually grew from the bully to a hero.

However, when he became older, he attended his friend's wedding, and a shoot out incident occured, as someone had sent a hitman to kill his friend, who was also a Dragon. As of such, his back has been damaged, and he walks using a cane.


Jack's personality is quite hard to understand. When he was young, he liked to boss people around, bullying them for the slightlest different thing about them. After he gained his powers, he started to become more serious, but not before he used his powers for his own benefit. First after he was given a moralical choice did he mature. When the ancestor of the Dragons died, he assumed leadership, finally becoming the man he was destined to be. After saving Earth from the Overlord, his life got more calm, and he is currently looking for the next generation, as he is to train them, such is his responsibillity. After his back got severly damage, he became slightly more distant, but when things got hot, he would always be there.


Jack's appearance changed numerous times. When he was in college (and a bully), he wore a black T-shirt, and had a leather jacket, and torn jeans. When he became older, and took on the role of being a leader, he wore a more tan shirt, and also had a striped polyester jacket, mainly in blue shades. His jeans became sweatpants, and shoes were replaced by sneakers. After getting married, he became more casual in appearance. He wore a flanell shirt and a white T-shirt. He wore normal pants and he walked with a cane. He had black shoes, and occasionally, he had jeans.

Eventually, he changed his appearance to a flanell shirt, with a white T-shirt that had an abstract blue motive and ice blue sweat pants.


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