J (1987-) is an Assassin. Born into Oldbreak, He is one of the surviving Assassins left after The Great Purge. He is allied with John Gripph, and acts as a mentor and older brother for his son, Andy.


"I was a happy kid most of the days. Well, until I got pulled into the world as it is today."

As a child, J was as most kids were, brash and naïve. However, he became more reserved after witnessing his father and Templars engaging in a gun fight, scarring him for many years. As a teen, he was mature, but still acted as if he knew everything, as teens usually are. Growing older, he became more and more reluctant to help people, becoming more of a lone wolf. However, after befriending and helping John Gripph out of Oldbreak out of the quarantine, he became more open and friendly. As he met John's son, Andy, he was more silent, always thinking about what would happen next. 


When he was a kid, he wore a simple white T-shirt with blue pants. As a teen, he wore a black hoodie with red detailings, jeans and a courier bag on him. His hair was still relatively short. Over the 20 years that passed, his hair grew longer. He wore a dark blue lumberjacker's cap, a black jacket with a gold line on it, a blue shirt and dark brown pants. He stopped using his courier bag, passing it on (unknowingly) to Andy. He always wore a gun attached to his belt, hiding it from most people.


As he grew older, he got over the gunfight, accepting the truth that he was an Assassin. Learning much of the history of the Assassin Brotherhood, he was put to the test when he was 20 years old, as Templars put Oldbreak under quarantine, strangling Assassin precense there. He was paired together with 4 of his childhood friends. However, after a Templar ambush, he operated on his own, slowly undermining the Templar precense. Often faced with adversities, it got a bit easier after finding a Shard of Eden which reflected bullets. 20 years later, long after freeing Oldbreak, he ventured to New York, keeping watch over Andy and his small team of friends. He saved Andy's team from a Templar ambush, gaining their attention. 

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