There was a murder. A string of them, all in the outskirts of a tiny town whose name is lost in history. Every victim was male, and each was beheaded. The weak law enforcement did little when it began, but soon had to intervene when the murders occurred on a nearly nightly basis.

They went from house to house, questioning the residents about strange activity occurring nearby. They all denied seeing or hearing a single thing, but the families of victims said something different. It was always the man of the family who'd turned up dead, and almost always they'd disappeared far into the night. A pattern.

The small crew of officers arrived at a the home of a young woman, who lived alone. Her home was in shambles, with wooden walls bloated by moisture in the air, tiles peeling off of the roof one by one, and dusty windows. She exited her home almost as soon as she saw the officers arrive, wearing a loose tan kimono which unnecessarily exposed the upper portion of her breasts.

"Why, yes. There have been strange things going on here... I've seen a strong man going from house to house, looking into the windows... But that is all." Her testimony was strange when looking at the fact that all of the victims were male. More likely than not, if the murderer was male, it would seem he would be likely to kidnap and murder women. The officers took note of this inconsistency.

One officer asked for permission to search the premises, including the inside of her shack of a house. She approved, shakily at first, but she kept her cool. Meanwhile, the other officers left to investigate elsewhere.

Inside, the officer noticed something strange. There was no source of light inside aside from the windows - no candles, lamps, or even some sort of chandelier. All was dark. As he fumbled in the dusk-like dark, he stepped into a puddle of some kind of fluid. Although he couldn't make out the details, he could easily see the bright red color.

"Is your neck itchy...?" A sick laugh.

The officers returned later the next day when the one never returned from her house. Upset and frustrated, they questioned the woman yet again.

"Why, he left in an awful hurry. It's a shame, I enjoyed his company." The officers were unsettled, but they'd given up on the case. They had to tend to collecting taxes from other residents, rather than fussing over some mysterious murders.

When the last of the officers was leaving, the woman called out to him.

"Would you care to stay the night, sir...? It'll be fun..." She smiled seductively.

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