Iskian Empire
Creator Somarinoa
Location Scutum–Crux Arm, Milky Way
Tier Level 4
Kardashev Scale Type II
Technology Varied by species
Size 432 Races
Estimated Population Several trillion
Notable For Domination of a significant area of space, and races therein
Governing Body
Capital World Iska
Founding Species Isk, Glite
Governing Body Authoritarianism
Main Leaders High Commander Chamelouge and the Isk
Policy The Isk have final say as to how your species shall operate
Main species Hundreds of other species
Origin Origin location; capital world
Alignment Lawful evil
Currency Iskian Credits used in conjunction with overall Corporatism
State Expanding
Age 12,002 years
Allies Crux Space Pirates, Great Trade Organization, Scourge Space Pirates, Vacotor Knowledge Symposium
Enemies UFCL, Zolacian Liberation Front, Chaos Legions

The Iskian Empire are a large galactic empire ruled with an iron claw by the Isk. The Isk consider other races as lacking rights unless they specify they deserve rights, and they have forcefully absorbed hundreds of races that they have first dissected, often brought into war with (due to the races negative reactions to being dissected by such forceful creatures), and eventually either coming to a mutual understanding or simply fully absorbing the races by force. While they don't particularly care what a race's culture is like, they reserve the right to determine the roles each race will operate under the Empire as — as an example, the Tlillisk are scouts to rival worlds while the Klutine are made to be planetary scouts to oft-dangerous worlds not known to be operated by rival sapients. While considered lawful evil by other races, they do not consider themselves evil and simply do what they think is best — the dissecting of new races for their science teams and to determine whether they are sapient or not (as they feel that simply speaking and having structures they consider not enough proof of intelligence), while they deal with space pirates to aid their own cause with items and the like that they would have more difficulty getting otherwise.

They are in an ongoing but minor war with the UFCL; the two affiliations do not often go out of their way to attack one another, though if they encounter each other they often battle. As with nearly all other factions, they oppose the Chaos Legions of Diimons, which seeks the violent absorption of all others in this universe and all others like it.


Individuals in the Iskian EmpireEdit

These are a list of notable individuals in the Iskian Empire.

Occasional MembersEdit

These alien races have some members in the Iskian Empire, but they aren't full-fledged members and they can be found in groups that oppose the Iskian Empire, such as the UFCL.

Full-Fledged Members Edit

These races are considered full or nearly-full inductees into the Iskian Empire, most of which can be found in Scutum-Crux Arm of Kyklos galaxy.

Species denoted with a "†" indicate races who have gone extinct and can be considered officially deceased (even though the species exist over a billion years and so, therefore, all species have died out at some point).

Species denoted with a scratched out name are currently no longer members of the organization, but were at some point in the past.

Known Worlds of the Iskian EmpireEdit

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