I was tasked with writing a poem about something from the Holocaust for my language arts class, so I chose to write about Josef Mengele. I thought I'd put it here since I've been inactive lately.

The PoemEdit

Horrible and twisted,

Sickening and monstrous.

Josef Mengele,

Where do you see the right in your wrongs?

“For science”, you say?

“For torture and insanity”, I say.

Your insanity takes control of you,

With a total lack of conscience.

Words fail to describe the horrors you’ve committed.

Your “experiments” are nothing more than hateful murder.

There is no science in what you’ve done.

You will be loathed eternally.

Inject chemicals into our eyes?

Inject acids into our spines?

Kill us at a moment’s notice?

You’re not human. You’re a monster. 

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