Infested Ukalaril Concept
Infested Ukalaril
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Tozera
Average Height At least 12 ft tall, but varies dependent on water levels
Diet Phototrophic Autotroph
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
(Necrusk parasite is sapient)

Infested Ukalarils are floral organisms infected with the sapient Necrusk virus. The Ukalaril of Scumire were infected specifically to impede Adus Lesk's progress in his attempt to escape the planet and stop the Necrusk. Infested Ukalarils are roughly the same as their uninfected equivalents, though they have been made to rotate using their manual hand drill-like tether to throw beings off them more often. While this in and of itself is not too horrible outside of annoyances and putting one into potential conflict with the biome's other life, the Necrusk have also succeeded in poisoning the waters.


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