Ienzo Tish
Primary Information
Creator ManraptorHurrr
Status Deceased
Appearances Amerigo: Through Time
Vital Statistics
Species Nephilim
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Age 45
Date of Birth February 12th, 2013
Era(s) Future
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Nova Hejmo
Occupation Dictator
Foes Amerigo Tranmer
Alice Koiner
Mother Nichole Johnson
Father Fernando Tish
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Summoning demons at will
Advanced demonic powers
Time freezing
Transformations Human form
Dark angel form
Weaponry Sword (Blackwing)
Dark energy
Demon minions
Attire Black tuxedo
Demonic watch

Ienzo Tish is the son of Fernando Tish, a powerful and high ranking demon who was slain by Amerigo Tranmer. Unlike his pure demon father, Ienzo is a Nephilim, a cross breed between human and demon, which makes him much more powerful. At the time that Fernando was killed by Amerigo, Ienzo was an infant in the care of his prostitue mother Nichole Johnson. Later in his life, he arose to power and eventually overtook the entire world with his charm, but soon after unleashed total chaos on the world by calling upon a demonic army to cover the globe, all hidden in various places, ready to kill anyone, particularly Rebels, at a moment's notice. Ienzo's main weapon is a black sword with a feathered design etched into it called Blackwing. The sword is said to have the soul of his dead father trapped inside of it. How he came into possession of the weapon is a total mystery. He wears a demonic watch that has the power to slow or potentially stop time temporarily while he remains in normal speed. He has a single black wing that juts out from his back, but it is normally hidden under the tuxedo that he wears.

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