IX-333 Ixion Concept
IX-333 "Ixion" Cargo Loader Ship
Creator Somarinoa
Manufacturer Unspecified
Size Unspecified
Armament "MANOS" Tractor Beam
Affiliation UFCL

The IX-333 "Ixion" is a single-pilot cargo loader used on deep space space stations by Terrans and the UFCL. They specialize in quickly moving large storage crates in low-gravity environments. These storage locations are often veritable labyrinths and while some training courses are required to properly pilot one, they are quite quick for a craft in an enclosed space and turn on a dime. One problem with the design however is that despite being used in low-grav environs, they cannot be piloted out into a complete vacuum of space—while they wouldn't depressurize in doing so, they possess cheap, thin hulls that would be easily punctured by micro debris.

Pilots of Ixions often are worked for days at a time, sometimes weeks when necessary, and as such the ships have a complemental yet compact living quarters including rest room, kitchen, bed and relaxation booth. Because of this procedure, Ixion crew members are generally completely out of the loop on any news within their space station, and if emergencies occurred such as space pirate attacks, the Ixion crews usually would be the last to know.

One such pilot realized much too late that he was one of the last surviving members of a deep space station after extraterrestrial eggs of a race of unknown creatures (simply referred to by the Ixion pilot as "Beasts") hatched and infested the station. Piloting a vessel without any actual weaponry, he devised a plan to use his Ixion's MANOS to grab and move the various storage crates in the labyrinth of the storage bays to simply crush the numerous Beasts "underfoot".


IX-333 Ixion Concept 2
  • Crew Complement: 1
  • Hull Thickness: Thin
  • Top Speed: 315 mph (506.94336 kph)
  • Armament: Top-mounted "MANOS" tractor beam
  • Propulsion System: Quad "PEGASUS" anti-grav orbs
  • Piloting Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Turning Speed: Very fast

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The "IXION" Cargo Loader Ship, is intended to be the player's vehicle in a fan remake of a particularly obscure game known as Beast, which was one of Somarinoa's favorite childhood games ever.
    • The Ixion represents the "ship" the player controlled in Beast, which was essentially two triangles with a space in between them, giving them a design that was somewhat similar to this (only filled in): <>
  • The top-mounted "MANOS" tractor beam is a reference to Manos: The Hands of Fate—the worst movie Somarinoa believes that he has ever seen and promptly been traumatized into forgetting he ever watched....twice.

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