General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Water World/Paradise World
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T3
Terrain Hue Tan (all sand)
Liquid Hue Brilliant blue
Atmosphere Hue Pale blue
Weather Class Class 1
Tectonics Class Class 1
Sapients Hushian
Human (Refugees)
Jlell (Refugees)
Wildlife Beltsander, Beltongue, Buoybee, Crimpcrawler, Guasnop, Magnastar
Political Information
Affiliation UFCL (3233 AD onwards)
Strategic Information
Valuable To Hushians

Hush is a water world and homeplanet of the mutagenic Hushians, recent members of the UFCL. Existing closer to its parent star than Earth does to Sol, the world is a mostly tropical environment, with only sandbars and small islands to dot its otherwise calm surface. A tiny, almost insignificant moon does little to pull at the tides as it is relatively distant from Hush; this natural quietness to the surface's waves lapping at the various sandy beaches is what gave its planet its name, a term given to it by Terran fleeing from their former colony of Kalindra. The world has no name in the native tongue.

Hush was once invaded by NodhCohr Hierarchy attempting to enslave the Hushians, to serve as Battle Thralls like others before them. The Hushians would likely have been enslaved had Terrans—specifically the Survivors of Kalindra—not arrived, who aided the Hushians in driving the invaders away. Following the Battle of Hush, the NodhCohr Hierarchy was defeated, ending their galactic campaigns of enslavement for good.

Besides the local Hushians, some Terrans can be found on Hush, being refugees from Kalindra. The Hushians have allowed the Terrans to reside on Hush for now, but otherwise is considered temporary until the former Kalindra colonists can find a new home.

The Terrans aren't the only refugees on Hush however, as large numbers of Jlell also reside in Hush's waters, the survivors of Battle Thrall invader forces attempting to take Hush and enslave the Hushians into the NodhCohr Hierarchy. Unlike the Terrans however, the Jlell are not welcomed, and the Hushians have been killing them in great droves. The other UFCL races have attempted to stop the genocide, but the Hushians have ignored the pleas of their allies. This genocide of the Jlell is feared to have dashed any hopes into adding the Jlell into the UFCL, since Jlell on other worlds will likely never forgive the Hushians for what they did to their brethren stranded on Hush.

Large number of Jlell still

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