Hunts Man
Hunts Man
Species Stardroid
Homeworld Unknown
Gender Male-programming
Affiliation Galaxy Droids
Era 20XX
File:Hunts Man Sprite.png

Hunts Man is the second Galaxy Droid built, intended specifically to keep his predecessor, Xeno Man, in check after Xeno had gone on a number of genocidal rampages across several worlds. He takes his job very seriously, but as time passed he wished to seek newer prey to hunt; he sees Earth as the perfect opportunity to find worthy game. While he and Xeno are in no way friends, they still operate together, and both have arrived at Earth with other Galaxy Droids in a plot to conquer it for reasons unclear to the planet's inhabitants.


  • Hunts Man (GDN-002)
  • Good Point: Focused
  • Bad Point: Too serious
  • Likes: The hunt
  • Dislikes: Xeno Man

  • Hit Points: 28
  • Level: Unspecified
  • Status: Decommissionable
  • Location: Unspecified

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Galaxy Droids are all inspired by extraterrestrials in media as well as some of the user's own races thrown into the mix (such as "Aurix Man"). They're essentially Somarinoa's answer to Stardroids.
    • Hunts Man is based off of a Yautja -- aka the Predators from the Predator series.