Horned Trimbler Spore


Horned Trimblers are a species of non-sapient trimblers which are indigenous to an unspecified planet. They wander about the expansive grasslands that dominate their homeworld, where they take their time feeding from large tree-like flora that sparsely dot the landscape. Because of the upwards-curving neck, they cannot enter the borderlands - thick forested areas that separate many of the grasslands from other biomes - without risking serious injury from striking branches.


Sporepedia DescriptionEdit

"Horned Trimblers dwell in the grasslands that dominate their homeworld, feeding from the large trees that dot the landscape. They are just one of many types of Trimblers in existance, all of which are grazers of this fashion."


Home Planet: Unspecified
Species Type: Warm-blooded Terrestrial Trimblers
Lifestyle: Weakly-Social Foragers
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 100% Forage (8% success rate, mainly due to the sparseness of the "trees")
Armor: Unspecified
Defenses: Unspecified
Weapons: Unspecified
Tools: Unspecified
Method of Eating: Unspecified
Reproductive Rate: Sexual maturity is reached after 5 years. Reproduce during the warm summer months.
Gestation: Unspecified
Offspring Incubation: Unspecified
Number of Offspring: 1-2 speeps per litter; 3 is the absolute survivable maximum, but this is quite a rare event to occur.
Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 6-10% -- Depending on the year, life may be harsher on young speeps fighting their way to maturity due as much to the temperature differences caused by a long elliptical orbit around their local star as it is to the migratory habits of some predators and natural events such as droughts.
Singular/Plural: Horned Trimbler/Horned Trimblers

Trivia Edit

  • The binominal classification of the species means "Trimbler" (from the species group - these are the true trimblers) and "high column", referring to their long, giraffe-like neck.

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