The crunching of leaves as he walked was the only sound in the dark woods. The moon didn't shine. Oh, it was visible. But no light shone from it at all. It was a bad idea to be out in the woods on a night like this, on Hollow Day, a day in which no one leaves their home after sunset out of fear of the being that hid deep in the forest on all other days of the year. Being outside during this time was virtually a death sentence, for the being awakened on this night every year to seek out its prey. It would be especially hungry this year, since no one had gotten caught in the previous three years.

He breathed heavily as he searched desperately for a way out of the woods. He'd entered them earlier before the sun had set, but he was now hopelessly lost. Which way was which?! There was a rustling sound in the bushes behind him. He swung around and frantically looked around, but no one was to be seen. There it was again, behind him. He turned back around, and still saw nothing. He started to run, but the rustling sound started to come from all directions and the wind circled around him, making it impossible for him to progress any further.

"I'm sorry! I don't mean to be here! Let me go home!" the man pleaded. The wind slowed, fooling the man into believing he would be allowed to live. There was a hissing sound behind him. He turned to face it and saw a barely human form hunched over, facing him. Its head was horribly elongated, malformed, and rotting. It had one glowing blue eye, illuminating the terrifying surroundings. It stood up straight, revealing a shrunken chest with a huge hole in the center of it. The man screamed, and the beastly demon pounced on its prey. The man was no more, and the beast was happily fed, but it was still hungry. Perhaps it would have better luck next year.

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