Harlequin Silent Hill Concept
Species Type Nightmare
Homeworld Otherworld
Intended Victim Unknown
(likely either Billy Steve or Henry O'Toole)
Height Unspecified (~7ft?)
Intelligence Sapient (presumed)

Harlequins are lanky-limbed creature with the body resembling a human fetus with a twisted, grotesque face and a body that looks like a harlequin baby. They seem to have trouble breathing as it comes after its victims with its reddened, cracked flesh. A long length of umbilical cord dangles from their stomach while their large chunks of dead skin layers serve to give the weak body some form of protection from attack—even so, it happens to be the most susceptible portion of the form to damage; unluckily, it is also quite a small target and its grotesque arms will try to prevent injury to the body if possible.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Harlequins were designed on May 10th, 2012.
  • They are intended to fill the role of the lanky-class nightmares, meaning that, according to the creator's personal beliefs on the various nightmares, they are in fact the same base monster as the Schism and Weeping Bat.
  • Like all or at least most Nightmares of Silent Hill in the fan-made game or games they're planned for, they will go through a transmogrification process upon the conversion from "Purgatoria" (the Fog World) to Otherworld (the Dark World), becoming vastly more dangerous and deadly.