The Grokk-Amphorian War was fierce war between the Grokk and the Amphorians on planet Kesari.


The Grokk, descendants of Isk that had been stranded on an alien planet during the ill-fated Gyllean Project, had managed to advance into powerful star-faring empire, and began to launch attacks on other sentient races via stealthy tactical strikes.

The Grokk eventually discovered a primitive backwater swamp world known as Kesari, which the Grokk set about to conquer. The Grokk invaded the planet with massive stealth capable warship and wrecked serious havoc on Kesari. Unfortunately for the Grokk, they had underestimated the fighting spirit of the Amphorians (which consisted of four sub-species altogether) and their hordes of Lorc slaves, and in the end, the Grokk were defeated.

With the destruction of their stealth warship, the Grokk were left stranded on Kesari, and thus had no avenue of escape. The Amphorians declared as religious proclamation that the Grokk would too become their slaves, much like the Lorc before them. Unlike the Lorc, the Amphorians did not strip them of their culture like they did to the Lorc, and the Grokk became the spies and assassins of the Amphorians. The Grokk slowly began to respect their new masters over the years stranded on Kesari, though this would change after the Fafni were enslaved after their failed invasion of Kesari.

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