Great Trade Organization
Creator Somarinoa
Location Kyklos Galaxy
Tier Level
Kardashev Scale
Technology Varied by species
Estimated Population
Notable For Being a large economic alliance of trade-oriented species.
Governing Body
Capital World Angion, Ehroendus, Gorgean
Founding Species Bryder
Governing Body
Main Leaders
Policy To offer great deals to clients.
Main species Bryder, Compsognathus sapien, Landlord, Leaping Pricecutter, Phlurt, Wygonakan and Zavvaku
State Slowly expanding
Allies Iskian Empire, UFCL, Vacotor Knowledge Symposium, Wygonakan Empire, Zavvaku Empire and Zolacian Liberation Front
Enemies Chaos Legions ,Crux Space Piracy, Scourge Space Piracy and Slogg

The Great Trade Organization is a large economic empire originally founded by the Bryders, though it now includes several other major capitalistic races such as Wygonakan and Zavvaku. Various organizations trade with this empire, ranging from the UFCL and the Iskian Empire. While the Great Trade Organization general gets along with most groups, in part because of Bryders pride themselves in offering great deals to customers, the Great Trade Organization is a favorite target of Crux and Scourge space pirates who pillage the organization for great riches. Additionally, the Slogg and Chaos Legions will also attack the Great Trade Organization if given the chance.

Occasional MembersEdit

Full-Fledged MembersEdit

Known TerritoriesEdit

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