Gral'zosh Stormclaw
Gral'zosh Stormclaw 1
Primary Information
Universe Warcraft
Creator Somarinoa
Status Undead
Appearances World of Warcraft
Vital Statistics
Species Tainted Orc
Gender Male
Homeplanet Draenor (homeworld)
Azeroth (invader)
Hometown Current location unknown
Occupation Shaman (before original Horde)
Warlock (during First War)
Death Knight (during Second War)
Lich or Continued Death Knight
Affiliation Draenor Shamans (former)
Old Horde (former)
Shadow Council (former)
Stormreaver Clan (former)
Current Affiliation Unknown


Children All sons: Mag'thul, Skash Deadshadow, Zaga'thok
Grandchildren Grihm Bloodtusk (grandson)
Abilities & Inventory

Gral'zosh Stormclaw is an undead Orc of unknown affiliation, last seen during the collapse of Draenor.





Background HistoryEdit

Before the HordeEdit

Gral'zosh Stormclaw 1

Gral'zosh protests Gul'dan's embrace of the Legion.

The First WarEdit

With the bloodlust consuming his 'humanity', Gral'zosh quickly threw aside his role as shaman and immediately took up the cup of one of Gul'dan's warlocks of the Shadow Council. Now following the command of Gul'dan, he was instructed by Kil'jaeden himself in the ways of demon magics, and quickly rose through their ranks.

The Second WarEdit


Grihm 1

Gral'zosh's grandson, Grihm.


With his disappearance during the cataclysm that befell Draenor, Gral'zosh was not seen or heard from for many years. However, his name has recently been whispered by a few crazed citizens of the Alliance and Horde, who claim to have seen him. Some claim he is one of the Black Riders of Deadwind Pass, having escaped the cataclysm by fleeing back into Azeroth. However, others claim he is now a Lich, having followed Ner'zhul through another portal into the Twisting Nether, where he was captured along with Ner'zhul to start the Scourge. It is still unknown which of these rumors are true, if either. New rumors also state he was witnessed as one of the trapped Death Knights alongside Teron Gorefiend on Draenor, but like the other two rumors, it too is unsubstantiated.


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