Gonzalez Spore
(Sviftika gonzalezi)
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Nhizilius
Average Size Microscopic
Diet Herbivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Gonzalezes are an extinct species of cellular organism that were once indigenous to the oceans of the planet Nhizilius, and are one of several species that led directly to the planet's sapient species, the Zadeji. They were quite swift organisms thanks to four flagella near the rear of their bodies; this was only aided by a pair of cilia-fins that allow for quick turns. Like many of their ancestors, they were simple herbivores yet due to their ancestors' slow speeds they were highly aggressive and would kill both fellow herbivores and predators alike if given the opportunity. They were well protected from predators giving chase by a large organelle on their back end that poisoned the waters around their posterior; while the ocean would dilute this quite quickly, anything pursuing a Gonzalez would swallow the deadly chemical compounds and would perish if they did not give up their pursuit.


Scientific ClassificationEdit

This was not created by Somarinoa (besides the binominal name) but the Taxonomy Project on SporeWiki. Because the system is flawed (a creature from another planet would not fit into any kingdoms found on Earth), it should not be considered canonical.

  • Kingdom: Monera
  • Phylum: Flagellaphora
  • Class: Tentacla
  • Order: Herbitacla
  • Family: Herbispica
  • Genus: Sviftika
  • Species: gonzalezi

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