Evil god

With so many diverse religions and cultures, it's hard to decide what God looks like. Who is He, or She? Where did God come from? Why did God create us?

Some say that somewhere, those questions have already been answered. In the house of a noble family, it is alleged that one day God revealed himself to mortal eyes. No one knows why he showed himself to that particular family, nor does anyone know what happened to them. The truth is, they vanished from the face of the Earth on that day. But, that does not mean that none know of the knowledge that he shared with that family.

When God appeared in the small town of ███████ in ██████, he wreaked havoc on all that stood in his way, screaming in a divine language. So divine was this language that no mortal was meant to ever hear it, and so all whose unfortunate ears happened to catch the sound immediately suffered a horrible, horrible death and descended into the most sinful depths of Hell. God's terror raged on for days as he destroyed the town, leaving only the home of the noble family. His twisted mechanical body and long blue robes were drenched in blood by the final day -- the seventh day -- and the nobles were terrified.

God spoke to the family in their native tongue, giving them unspeakable knowledge and revealing immense truths to them, truths which would destroy any others unfit to know them.

Futile, was resisting God's love and wrath. Foolish, was denying His existence. Perish, would all who stood in the path of holiness and cleansing.

Remember, then, that God has a plan to save us all from damnation. Denying His immense presence is futile, for you shall die in sin should you do so.

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