Girls' Night Out!
General Information
Genre(s) Third Person Action Platformer
Platform(s) PC
Media/Distribution Direct download
Release Date(s) TBA
Series Information
Company Information
Developer Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher Lunatic Entertainment
Designer(s) Thor Steinbach
Composer(s) Unspecified
(possibly DJ Curtis Vodka?)
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa
Latest Version Extremely early conceptual stage

Girls' Night Out! is a 3rd Person Action Platformer conceived by Lunatic Entertainment. Though it is not currently under development, it may one day be. It is currently unique amongst Lunatic Entertainment games as all characters in the main body of the game are female — males only appear in opening and some ending cutscenes between the various playable characters. Girls' Night Out! is in fact a pair of games, one built for consoles with 3D gameplay and another built on handhelds known as Girls Night Out! On the Go which has more cutesy, 2D graphics. These games share the same primary storyline but also feature an unlockable second chapter that is unique to each version, allowing fans to purchase both versions of the game and still receive new content in doing so, thereby not really wasting their money.

Despite the fact that it is pretty much an entirely female cast, the game is not necessarily intended strictly for female players. Every single female character known to have been created by Somarinoa is expected to make an appearance in one form or another in the game, filling roles similar to their original roles in various other Lunatic Entertainment sources.


In both versions of Girls Night Out!, several playable characters are selectable at the start of a new game, with the unique feature of allowing the individual to "Play Prologue" before selecting a character to decide whether they like to play as them. These prologues include the characters' own intro cutscenes introducing them and how they got to "downtown Analogue City". Each prologue utilizes all of the characters' abilities and their minigames as well, and while it is completely optional to play these prologues, they are necessary to complete to achieve a 100% rating, and there is an achievement for playing through them all. Even if a character is played through the prologue and chosen, the player can choose to switch out to one of the other characters at the beginning of each chapter, though doing so will count that chapter as progress for that particular character, leaving potentially clever gamers to be unable to get 100% rating by simply playing the first chapter as one of the girls and switching for the rest of the story as their preferred girl.

While the various areas of the game are the same per character, the characters will have access to different paths and enemies, with different strategies and gameplay mechanics taking effect depending on the user's chosen female persona during that given section of the game. Minigames, however, are entirely unique between characters and occur in specific locations throughout the levels.


The setting takes place in a sort of amalgamated universe, shoving all bits of the metaverse into a single game, whether they are initially intended to relate to one another or not. This makes it technically non-canon within the normal Galactic Expanse metaseries, but it is still considered canonical within its own separate amalgamated universe (which should not be confused with the Amalgam Universe seen in Amalgam Online).

The various girls go out on a "girls' night out" together to Analogue City, a bustling metropolis on the planet Relaxia (where in the canonical universe, Analogue City exists on Diakatan). Although things start well enough off, events occur that force them into an adventure instead of a simpler night of partying.

Known Characters Edit

Sprite Name Type Abilities
Addelle NPC Unspecified
Adelaide Cooper Unspecified (NPC? NPC Ally? Boss?) Unspecified
Adelaide DeVaggio Unspecified
Aela Shepard NPC Unspecified
Ai NPC Unspecified
Alain, Daemon Queen of Punishment Boss Unspecified
Alantiaara NPC Unspecified
Alice Fike NPC Unspecified
Alice Noel-Roback Sprite Left Alice Noel-Roback NPC Unspecified
Alice-chan NPC Unspecified
Amawra Houlein NPC Unspecified
Amy NPC Unspecified
Analogue NPC, Goal Character Unspecified
Anathesia NPC Unspecified
Ancient Medusagyne Boss Unspecified
Aparo Woman NPC Tadpole Rocket, Skilled Swimmer
Arcadia Shimoguchi NPC Unspecified
Archjuggerine Boss Unspecified
Arrhen Remato NPC Unspecified
Arsenicia of the Black Dragonflight Boss Powered flight, fire breath
Atella Istemo, the Mute Reaper Playable Character Dual Katara wielding, Shadow Doppelganger: Trinity, General Assassin skills
Atiina Dawnbather Unspecified (NPC? Summon?) Power over light
Artea NPC Unspecified
Blarblar Bleeblee NPC Minimal priestess abilities
Blimpo the Blimpodius Background cameo Low-speed hovering
Bobbi Tschoepl Playable Character Battlemage abilities, thievery skills
Bondigosa of the Blue Dragonflight NPC Powered flight, fire breath
Bonnie Sinclair NPC, Goal Character Unspecified
Breach Orcat Boss Unspecified
Bunbun Background cameo Typical rabbit abilities
Burpina Smellyfootini Boss Unspecified
Camomile Brooks Unspecified
Caylvane Whisperstalk Unspecified
Charity Lovejoy Boss Unspecified
Chesna Unspecified
Chetara Unspecified
Chimedormi of the Bronze Dragonflight Unspecified
Cleave the Booby NPC (waitress) Unspecified
Coates Lotalah Unspecified
Corona Virus Unspecified
Curlinar Unspecified
Danielle Modesta Unspecified
Daphnia Boss Unspecified
Delates Skyshadow NPC Unspecified
Dr. Adelaide Kakinski NPC Unspecified
Dookyhatt Sludgemirror Miniboss Unspecified
Dragonwatch Delle NPC (Information Giver) Very knowledgeable about dragons
Dragonwatch Kara NPC (Information Giver) Very knowledgeable about dragons
Elaine von Cooper Miniboss Vampire
Electronika Unspecified (Possible playable character) Android, Electric Weapon, Digital Consciousness
Elektra NPC Unspecified
Elma NPC Unspecified
Elmeras, the Bug Queen Boss Protected (against her will) by huge swarm of insects
Eloise the Druid NPC Unspecified
Elyssia Azuregaze NPC Unspecified
Errig Vaae NPC Unspecified
Eruna NPC Summoner
Eve NPC Dual Energy Pistols
Fayelin Sputtersteam NPC Unspecified
Felicity White NPC Unspecified
Femibug NPC Unspecified
Fernlace Featherwing NPC Animal Transformations, Nature Magic
First Minute
(Tandaless Andals)
Playable Character Unspecified
Fridgit Boss Unspecified
Hakakoka Leatherstrap NPC Unspecified
Hannah Wallace NPC Unspecified
High Sorceress Queen Zoey Boss Unspecified
Hillary the Model NPC Unspecified
Holda Miniboss Minion of Fridgit
Holly Jo Twyztdd NPC Contortionist
Hossa Varada Background character (Atella's intro/ending) Male
Igarette Miniboss Minion of Fridgit, Rage Exhaustion
Ignora the Wolverine NPC Unspecified
Jen-Ren NPC Unspecified
Jertrana Ragefever NPC Unspecified
Jessy NPC 'Half-Zombie
Jorda Bronzehammer NPC Unspecified
Josephine Iskariot NPC Unspecified
Kara NPC Unspecified
Kat NPC Unspecified
Kimono NPC Unspecified
Kitejai NPC Unspecified
Kittana Melinni NPC Unspecified
Kuchubi Yiranai NPC Unspecified
Kymmuuniis NPC Unspecified
Kyo-chan NPC Unspecified
Liyuna NPC Unspecified
Lucrecia Callahan Playable character Unspecified
Mauztraup NPC Unspecified
Pohei Otameu Unspecified (Boss?) Unspecified
Pyanddha NPC Unspecified
Zand Playable Character Unspecified

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