"You are NOTHING, you are NOBODY, you only exist so as to fuel my power!. In defeating you, i will become the worlds most powerful being... and earn my rightful title as the true successor of The First!!"

Rsz gigaman
Giga Man X
(, Giga-Man Ekkusu), more commonly abbreviated to "GX", is the most successful and arguably, the most dangerous clone of the Maverick Hunter, X to date. The goals that he holds and who made him remain entirely unknown at this point, but if there is one thing clear, it is that he wishes to be recognised as the single most powerful clone of, aswell as the most worthy successor to whom he as identified as, "The First", and he firmly believes he must destroy and assimilate X, Zero, Axl, and numerable others so as to fully reach that goal.

For his exceedingly brutal nature and grizzly fighting style, GX has been labeled under the title of "Rasetsu" by the Maverick Hunters and the said irregulars themselves, a term which literally translates to "Man-Eating Devil Creature". He wears the title with pride and zeal.








Behind The ScenesEdit

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