General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Alternate Names Thalanx I
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
System Thlanax System
Position 1st
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites 1 (Joclexis)
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T3
Terrain Hue Brown
Liquid Hue Teal
Weather Class Class 2
Tectonics Class Class 2
Sapients Vhalslask
Political Information
Affiliation Vhalslaskian Empire
Strategic Information
Valuable To Vhalslask

Dosganna is the first planet within the Thlanax System. It is orbited by Joclexis, an active moon that still launches plumes of lava into what would be its lower atmosphere, had it possessed an atmosphere. Due to panspermia launched by an unknown assailant, the world was successfully seeded with life and produced a sapient organism within 5.5 billion years: the Vhalslasks, a race of tentacle-faced "space shamans". Due to an unknown event in its past, it gained a planetary ring.

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