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Dunes of DespairEdit


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Caer BaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer DraerEdit

Current Leader: Reginald Boingboing (former; last Mainlander commander)
Goorjian the Hiccup (under the rule of Vordathco Mordecai)

Caer Draer is a walled fortress city along the shores of Mainland, meant to protect its borders (along with seven other fortresses) from the threat of invasion by sea—primarily to protect the country from the forces of Mordecai. However, the town celebrated a great victory against a supposedly-marauding force from Myrjilon and most of the inhabitants got extremely drunk, as was the custom. An agent of Mordecai's had secretly snuck in amongst the chaos of battle and spiked the alcohol, leading all drunken citizens to fall into a deep sleep. The boats offshore had been a ruse and had been unmanned, and the actual invading force—Goblins—had snuck in through the sewers. With every citizen asleep, the Goblins quickly slaughtered all of the inhabitants and claimed the fortress as their own.

Now considered a 'pleasant' Goblin town (at least amongst Goblins themselves), the Mainlanders have time and again attempted to retake Caer Draer; unfortunately for them, the sheer number of Goblins inhabiting the fort has so far left it impossible to reclaim. Although other shore fortresses have been lost, Draer is one of only two that were lost to outside forces—the other being Caer Baer.

Caer FlaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer GlaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer HaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer Haer is a walled fortress city along Mainland's borders with Loren Forest and the Human nation of Stormhand, set up more as a precaution than an actual belief that either the local Humans or Wood Elves would ever invade their nation. It is the sister fortress to Caer Naer, which sets on the other side of the valley, making it a difficult choke point to bypass for foes.

However, there was a time when the fort was taken out by a single individual. A voluptuous, overly seductive woman passed through the city gates one day and that night convinced the night watchmen to "entertain" her. During this time she proceeded to slaughter each of them in turn before revealing herself to be the mighty Succubus Chaeto. She then cast a Diimonic spell that caused the populace's hair to grow exponentially and at a rapid rate, ultimately overtaking their bodies entirely and wrapping them up, forming Hair Demons - the minions of Chaeto.

She ruled the fortress for a time, making some attempts to take nearby Caer Naer as well but failing to successfully do so. Ultimately, Naer launched a successful offensive and retook the fort, wiping out the Demons and burying their dead colleagues. It is now law that all those living in either fort must shave their heads bald, with the follicles regularly plucked out.

Caer LaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer MaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer NaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer PaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer RaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer TaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

Caer WaerEdit

Current Leader: Unknown

North GolemEdit

Current Leader: Mayor Klump

South GolemEdit

Current Leader: Mayor Zinger


Current Leader: Vordathco Mordecai

Bloody StumpEdit

Current Leader: Fulgor Bonerogg

A small Land Orc encampment ruled and controlled by the Bloody Stump Clan.


Current Leader: Gor'on Brassclaw

A small Land Orc encampment ruled and controlled by the Brassclaw Clan.

Curdling BayEdit


Current Leader: Chappair the Dark

A small Land Orc encampment ruled and controlled by Clan Greshann.

Mangled FleshEdit

Current Leader: Grim Flesheater

A small Land Orc encampment ruled and controlled by the Mangled Flesh Clan.

The SpireEdit

War ScarEdit

Current Leader: Marauder Neckbreaker

A small Land Orc encampment ruled and controlled by the War Scar Clan.

Fangfield MountainsEdit


Current Leader: Lothar Nuhrlund

A small Human city-state nestled deep within the Fangfield Mountains.



Current Leader: King Gerreth




Sovereign SeaEdit

Sovereign IslesEdit


"Third Continent"Edit



The Hidden CouncilEdit

Slithersky RefugeEdit