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Death Z
Death Z
General Information
Series Death Z Series
Genre(s) Action Shooter Side-Scrolling
Platform(s) PC(Windows, MAc, and Linux)


The Golden Bunny

Media/Distribution CD(DVD)

Gamechip, and Console Disk

Release Date(s) 2/10/14
Series Information
Company Information
Developer Golden Apple Inc
Publisher Golden Apple Inc
Designer(s) Golden Apple Inc
Composer(s) G92L
Other Information
Creator Golden Apple Inc
Latest Version Version 0.4(PC)

Version 1.3(Console, and 3Ds)

System Requirements CD/DVD Drive(PC)
The Death Z is an action, sidescrolling shooter indie game by Golden Apple Inc.. It, being the first game made by the company, it was made lazily from an idea in 2013. Death Z is a game with single player, as well as local and online co-op. But, as an extra feature, the game includes online multiplayer where players pick a generated character and are put into teams, and fight against each other, as well as watch out for the infected! The main story is based upon two characters, Crash Pepsi and Paul Hill. Each of which can be picked, and or randomized through online or local multiplayer.


Story aka Main QuestEdit


Story ModeEdit

In the story mode, DeathZ is made up of various levels. These including, normal levels, boss levels, and challenge levels. The normal levels are puzzles, that can only be completed, and figured out by two players. The players will have to jump, crawl, step on pressure plates, and best of all... KILL! After figuring out, and completing 5 levels, you will get a boss battle. There is exactly 10 bosses, meaning there's 50 levels in total, aswell as 3 challenge levels. 


The Multiplayer is online, and has a maximum of 16 players. There's five game modes, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Capture the Flag, Free for All Survival, and Team Survival. The teams within Team Deathmatch are divided up by levels of players. Free for All is just a battle between all 16 players, no teaming, just straight out war. Capture the flag is just getting to one another' side and taking their flag back to your own side and winning by doing so. The two survivals are just, no killing, just trying to survive many, many waves of zombies by trying to get others to bite the dust. Experience is needed to level up, each kill, win, and lose has a certain ammount of experience to give. 



  • B927 (Multiplayer, and Story Mode) - Starter pistol in the story and multiplayer until you get to the levels to change, in both story and multiplayer. 
  • AK-21 (Multiplayer, and Story Mode) - Starter secondary weapon in story and multiplayer, until you change. It is a very weaker version of the AK-47, it shooting pistol ammunition. 

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