Dead Flies is a comic drawn by Somarinoa, started in 2002. Originally intended as a weekly webcomic, Somarinoa has never had the ideas to produce it so fast, even after simplifying the art style and breaking the original story arc cycle with one-shot jokes. In 10 years only 12 comics and one special image has been produced. Even so it is considered Somarinoa's favorite pet project.

Currently, the original version of Comic #3, and Comics #4 and #10 as well as the special birthday image only exist in jpg format. Not only this but Comics #0, #5, #9 and #11 currently do not exist in any format. Each of these have original versions that have been lost due to computer crashes. It has been years now, but one day the creator hopes to succeed in recovering those files from the hard drive they were on.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Thor Steinbach: One of the three brothers collectively known as the Dead Flies. Thor is the calm and calculated one, disliking Loki but having little connection to Baldur. He spends much of his free time playing video games on his computer while he has been known to be employed at an office building, leaving him as the only brother with any discernable occupation and perceptible income. However, his enjoyment of his job has quickly gone downhill. He is friends with Scott Root, Savior, and possesses a persolon named Ping. In games, he is rivals to Jason Yates.
  • Loki Steinbach: One of the three brothers collectively known as the Dead Flies. Also known as "the Mad Jackson", Loki is the wrathful one, spending much of his time tormenting his brethren. Although he certainly spends time being obnoxious towards his brother Thor, he prefers Baldur as his victim. Unbeknownst to his brothers, he killed the landlady when they first moved in to the condominium, leaving them no need to pay any rent. Even so, they seem uninterested in the idea that he is in fact a serial killer. He is friends with Shazia Ahmed.
  • Baldur Steinbach: One of the three brothers collectively known as the Dead Flies. Known on the Internet under the callsign Panic@tehCondo, Baldur is the shy and quiet one, known for his high level of depression. His depression and overall personality has been picked up on by Loki, who sees him as an easy target of his attacks. He spends much of his time alone in his room, listening to Alanis Morissette. Eventually he came to cut his hair and dress in a more emo style; at this point he met a girl online named Kiona Decker, and attempted to date her.

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Jason Yates: A gamer who continues to gank Thor Steinbach in every game he tries to play, despite the fact that Jason only plays Ultima Online. Thor has an intense rivalry with him because of this, as Jason always shows up in-game at the most inopportune of times.
  • Kiona Decker: A girl who begins to randomly chat with Baldur Steinbach, and the two hit it off. Known on the Internet under the call sign XxXSephirothsGurlXxX, she appeared in Comics #12 and #14, and is intended to appear in a few comics to follow, where she and Baldur attempted to go on a date.
  • Kirsten Williamson: A punk girl, who is Thor's sister in real life. Has so far only appeared in a special panel produced for her 16th birthday.
  • Makia Linville: A persolon mechanic who came once in the original storyline plot to fix Ping, yet upon the discovery of waffles ended up staying specifically to raid the freezer. She has not appeared in the current iteration of the comic.
  • Ping: A female persolon (a type of personal android) Thor came upon. She sleeps in Thor's room but so far has not had any real interaction with others.
  • Savior: Thor Steinbach's best female friend. She is an angel who plummeted from heaven. She moved away in Comic #10.
  • Scott Root: Thor Steinbach's best male friend. He appeared in Comic #13.
  • Shazia Ahmed: Loki Steinbach's only currently-discernible friend. She has currently only appeared in the Kirsten 16th birthday special, commenting on how long the dinner table was.

Cameos Edit

  • Dizzy: Appeared in a single panel in Comic #2.

Gallery Edit

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