Daeriun Adams
Primary Information
Universe Warcraft
Creator Somarinoa
Status Redead (deceased after undeath)
Appearances World of Warcraft
Vital Statistics
Species Forsaken Azothan Human
Ethnicity Redridger
Gender Male
Homeplanet Azeroth (homeworld)
Hometown Redridge Mountains
Affiliation New Horde
Crimson Fang Clan
Abilities & Inventory
Gear Hearthstone

A former-Human member of the Forsaken, Daeriun belonged to the Adams family of the Redridge Mountains. During life he chose to serve as a priest of the Church of Holy Light, and found himself in Stratholme at the worst possible time, wherein he was subsequently infected by the Plague of Undeath and transformed in due time into an undead servant of the Lich King. When the Lich King's power waned, he was freed from his grasp but the shock of suddenly gaining his own consciousness back jolted him into a coma that lasted for years. He was dragged off the battlefield once it was realized that he was conscious in order to eventually bolster Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's ranks.

Upon awakening, he had obtained a notably more negative outlook on "life" as it were, and quickly began to delve into the darker aspects of priesthood, eventually becoming a Shadow Priest and joining up with the Crimson Fang Clan under the leadership of Grihm Bloodtusk. However, he quickly found an allegiance with the former Lord Perenus Darkmoore, who was also a member of the Forsaken. Feeling a kinship to him due to their similar tragic backgrounds, he swore allegiance directly to Perenus, and would serve then to aid him in his subjugation of the clan in the name of the Burning Legion.

When Perenus failed and was exiled by Grihm upon the Orc's return, Daeriun went into hiding, but remained a somewhat-active member of the New Horde. Upon the events of the Cataclysm, Daeriun found himself in the path of one of Silverpine Forest's many rifts, and when it opened up to release its Surging Elementals he was caught inside of it, wherein he was immediately ripped to shreds by the energetic coalescence to bring them onto the world. His remains remained undiscovered north of Ambermill for days, and upon discovery starving wildlife had made off with much of his body, leaving no way to properly resurrect him, thus ending Daeiun's tale of woe, betrayal and tragedy.