The pale, thin figures danced around him, all making impossible movements. He stood fearless with balloon in hand and only looked on as the things danced around him, more curious than anything else. After all, he was too young to understand the concept of true fear. Every now and then he could catch a glimpse of the faces of the creatures, and he only became more curious. They had no facial features aside from a single golden eye with a pitch black pupil in the center of their face and a long tail-like appendage streaming off the back of their heads. There was a strange zigzag pattern running along their face where their mouths should have been, resembling stitch marks. They danced on and on, mystifying him.

Their bodies were thin and white, barely resembling a human being. Along each of their backs was a complicated black pattern, looking like black flower petals all interweaving and crisscrossing with one another, forming a single pattern. Their arms were long, narrow, and unnaturally flexible, bending in all directions and defying logic. The hands at the ends of their arms were wiry and few, only three long fingers were on each hand, and they wrapped around each other in a spiral shape. Their legs were much the same, though they had no visible feet, for their legs ended in a wispy sort of smoke.

He reached out to touch one of the beings that danced around him, and they instantly scattered in all directions and hid behind anything they could discover. One peaked out from behind a thick tree trunk and stared in his direction, neither curious nor afraid, but something in between. The others slowly retreated from their hiding places and floated through the air like ghosts, but not dancing this time. The figures circled around him and tilted their heads wonderingly, pondering the existence of this little boy. He stared at them, still fearlessly, and gave them the same look of bewilderment. Neither had ever seen such a thing as each other, and so they only gazed confusedly. One of the things moved closer to the boy with its hand outstretched and its fingers unwrapped. It stood directly in front of him and looked into his eyes before it reached its pointy fingers towards the boy's black balloon, only to become shocked when it popped under its touch.

The figures all scattered at once, this time never returning. They were gone, back to wherever they had come from.

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