Copy Quartet
Copy Quartet
Species Robot Master
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male-Programming
Affiliation Dr. Wily
Era 20XX

Copy Quartet is a powerful robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. He is the fourth of ten machines built as advanced Doc Robots. He can use the main attacks of all of the robot masters he is copying - or rather, that he has been built out of.

His Copy Master marking -- that of a "IV" -- can be found emblazoned across his back.

Statistics Edit

Copy Quartet (DWN-2532)


Behind the scenesEdit

Copy Quartet Sprite

An enlarged standing sprite of Copy Quartet.

  • Copy Quartet is not actually the 2532nd robot master built by Dr. Wily - his number represents the numbers of DWN 025-032.
  • Quartet is built out of parts from robot masters from Mega Man 4. These parts are as follows: