Claw Beast
Claw Beast Front
General Information
Homeworld Syrillia
Intelligence Non-Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Personality Protective
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Syrillia
Kingdom Apatophysis
Phylum Orthonodos
Class Triobrachium
Order Avimimus
Family Brachyscelida
Genus Kentrorhinus
Species Kentrorhinus nychorbitater
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

Scientific ClassificationEdit

Domain: Dikaryota "Two Nuts" (Complex Organisms with a Nucleus & a Protonucleus)
Kingdom: Apatophysis "Deceptive Form" (Apatophysids aka the Abstractians)
Phylum: Orthonodos "Straight Node" (Abstractians with Notochords)
Series: Ovozita (Ovozitans -- Abstractians with amniotic eggs)
Class: Triobrachium "Three Arms" (Triple-armed Secteaters)
Order: Avimimus "Bird Mimic" (Abstractians with a passing similarity to birds)
Family: Brachyscelida "Short Hind Leg" (Brachyscelidans -- Low-profiled Avimimids)
Genus: Kentrorhinus "Sharp Pointed Nose" (Secteaters -- Insectivorous Brachyscelidans)
Species: Nychorbitater "Clawed Orbiter" (Claw Beasts)
Binominal Name: Triobrachium nychorbitater


Homeplanet: Syrillia
Species Type: Warm-blooded Bipedal Abstractian
Lifestyle: Social Insectivore
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 100% Hunt (36% success rate)
Armor: Claw Beasts do not utilize armor.
Defenses: To Be Announced
Weapons: Like many other Abstractians, Claw Beasts are notorious for their massive forelimbs; also like others, they can become deadly bludgeoning objects when the situation calls for it. They also utilize a rather needle-like beak.
Tools: Claw Beasts cannot manipulate objects, despite possessing three arms. This is due to the fact that their arms lack the manipulatory tools to perform such feats.
Method of Eating: Unspecified
Reproductive Rate: Unspecified
Gestation: Unspecified
Offspring Incubation: Unspecified
Number of Offspring: 5-10 chicks per clutch
Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): Unspecified
Singular/Plural: Claw Beast/Claw Beasts


  • The Claw Beasts were created for the PlayStation 2 game Graffiti Kingdom during the later months of 2005.
  • Scribblebeasts, the first of the Abstractian group, were created specifically to show someone what the Graffiti Kingdom editor was actually capable of. All Abstractians follow this sort of rule: a strange "modern art" inspired body, and massive arms.

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