Chocoin Art
Primary Information
Universe Final Fantasy
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Final Fantasy Z
Inspiration FFVII's ChocoMog + Black Chocobos, FFXIII's wild-looking Gran Pulse Chocobos
Vital Statistics
Species Chocobo
Ethnicity Destrier
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliation The Rebellion
Allies Moguin
Foes The Za
Lover(s) Chobecca
Friends Moguin
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Beak, talons

Chocoin (pronounced tʃoʊːkɔɪn) is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy Z. A Destrier (also known as a "black chocobo" or "river-and-mountain chocobo"), Chocoin is the constant companion of the Moogle mercenary Moguin, he becomes a trusted ally of the rebellion during the Za Invasion.

By the time of the Za Invasion, Moguin and Chocoin have been inseparable for years, serving as his mount and pack animal. He later develops a crush on Chobecca, a white chocobo the party tames after he abandons them.



Like Moguin, Chocoin has a wild, untamed appearance, unlike others of his kind -- even other Black Chocobos.


As his name suggests, Chocoin has an almost raven-like fascination with shiny objects, and beyond his allegiance to Moguin, this is his one other true loyalty. This proves true when his companion leaves the party, causing Chocoin to abandon them as well. Despite this he recalls the party years later, and despite being untamed he would come to their aid should they offer up a shiny object in certain areas. He would then allow the party to ride him - something no others would succeed in doing - but would keep the item and once the party disembarked he would squawk and immediately fly back to his nest to place the object.

His loyalty to Moguin leads to him joining the party again with his master years later.



  • Chocoin was originally planned as a gold chocobo during Final Fantasy Z's original conception, with his name being chosen to describe his feathers, listed as being "golden like coins". This was later altered to make him a sleek albino chocobo, and this idea continued until the release of Final Fantasy XIII introduced the Gran Pulse Chocobo. At this point it was decided that Chocoin should be a shaggy, wild-looking bird with white feathers and black stripes leading from his eyes, with shocks of color at the tips of his feathers. However, upon the image's creation, several colorations were experimented with and the best appearance proved to be as a black chocobo.
    • This directly led to the creation of Chobecca, who would keep the white chocobo appearance.
  • Chocoin's heavily-feathered legs are inspired by the real-life silkie chickens, as well as the willow ptarmigan, Somarinoa's home state bird.

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