Chiroptera Bruce(, Chiroputera Burusu, Chiroptera being the scientific name for "Bat"), who's birthname is Bruce Wayne is a former resident of Gotham City and an american citizen. He is a Saint warrior whom has achieved the power of a Gold Saint and was discovered during Virgo Shaka's travel throughout the world after the defeat of hades. Bruce was a former vigilante who acted as a "Dark Knight" for the sake of others in his city under the guise of "Batman". Bruce was killed in a brave bout against a newly enhanced Joker, but received the 7th sense and returned to life thanks to the shaka's intervention. He was brought back to athena and trained to unleash his Cosmo, and has fought alongside the legend saints known as Pegasus Seiya , Dragon Shiryu , Andromeda Shun , Cygnus Hyoga , and Phoenix Ikki.


Bruce wears the cloth of Chiroptera, like all saints he has his own unique cloth armor that focuses and accurately administrates his immense cosmo within. The Chiroptera Cloth is composed of a silver-ish black, shining illustrious metal which is in the same style and texture as the armor of all Bronze Saints. Bruce's Chiroptera Cloth is stylized after his patented Batsuit that he used to wear being the vigilante that protected gotham city, known as Batman.


Chiroptera Bruce is considerably different in behavior to his gotham vigilante counterpart, Batman. This is because that Bruce does indeed want to keep the Batmans identity a secret, so he behaves more like his typical playboy self wearing the cloth of chiroptera. Even so, experience as a saint has given him greater wisdom and understanding that he does not have to be strict and so steadfast to uphold justice.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Vast Cosmo: Bruce as unleashed his latent cosmo. His cosmo energy takes on the form of an illustrious purple aura that can generate the sillhouettes of bats which fly towards their enemy. With his huge Cosmo bruce can rival and do combat with others as powerful as Silver Saints.


Chiroptera Storm:

Abyssal Chain:

Boomerang Slayer:


Chiroptera Cloth - Bronze:

Chiroptera Cloth - Gold:

Chiroptera Cloth - God:

Behind The ScenesEdit

This is TOAA's fanon re-imagining of Bruce Wayne if he was a saint in the legendary japanese manga, Saint Seiya. This version is far stronger than the original counterpart and gives bruce the glory in power and strength that the author feels the batman deserves.

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