Chamelouge Concept (Cropped)
Primary Information
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, Amalgam Online, Immortal Greed, Monster Space, Dangerous Wilds, Long Story, Grown
Vital Statistics
Species Isk
Ethnicity Orangethroat
Gender Male
Homeplanet Iska
Occupation Emperor of the Iskian Empire
Affiliation Iskian Empire
Allies Air Devil
Abilities & Inventory
Transformations Expert at crafty masterminding and shady dealings
Weaponry Controls entire Iskian Empire force
Gear "Gekwon Grip" glove and boots
Attire Belt-like Flight Suit

Emperor Chamelouge is the current Isk to hold the office of emperor of the vast and ever growing Iskian Empire. Unlike previous emperors before, Chamelouge isn't afraid to personally lead his soldiers on the front lines. Chamelouge is also the first emperor of the Iskian Empire that has sought out the Crux Space Piracy, whom his empire is secretly allied for the benefit of growing his empire even more.

Chamelouge second-in-command is Air Devil, a Glite famous for this role in battling the Humans on a forested Human colony.





Chamelouge Flight Suit MS Sprite

Wearing his flight suit

The only being that is known to be in a close relationship with Chamelouge is his second-in-command, Air Devil.

Background HistoryEdit

The Target of the HuntEdit

Advising the Greed of OthersEdit

Plenty of Space for MonstersEdit

Surviving the Dangerous WildsEdit

A Long StoryEdit

Life Anew in the Amalgam GalaxyEdit


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